Sketch and Run
Sketch and Run


Sketch out a plan and run with it: a blog about defeating perfectionism, procrastination and creative stagnation by doing what I love and putting it here


Media & Communications/Law graduate.
Sydney-based freelance photographer, writer, artist and videographer.

I post primarily about portrait photography, travel, lifestyle, fashion and East Asian entertainment.
I collect too many hats and have excessive feelings about typography and competitive figure skating.
I shoot and write about food at I Ate My Way Through

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Sketch and Run is always open to ideas for creative commissions and collaborations for photography, art, videography, writing, or a combination of the above.

For photography requests, include the date, time, venue, approximate number of guests and budget. I mostly shoot events, portraits, food and fashion, but am open to all sorts of requests and ideas.

Sketch out your idea for me, and see what I can do.

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