Updating before these become irrelevant. Mostly because I'm still listening to Catch Me on repeat and have many feels about the music video.

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VIDEO: Catch Me (TVXQ!)

I have LOTS OF FEELS, mostly about SM Entertainment's music video and creative department. I almost always focus on the negatives because I think there are enough people to give glowing reviews as there is and obviously because SME is hanging onto every opinion of mine because I matter, dammit. YEAH.

I do think Yunho and Changmin make the best with what they're given and do so well, hence their position at the top, but it's frustrating when you see that they have so much potential, which is being curbed by less than stellar creative direction. SME is an idol company - they produce idols - from the tips of their hair (colour) to the end processing of the video. Accordingly, I think they should be taking the brunt of responsibility for things falling flat.

TVXQ have been in the industry long enough to know how to work the camera, the crowd and the stage. Understated and polished should be the concepts they aim for. When you're trying to establish a classy, sophisticated 'brand' - which they should be doing now - less is more. Being the 'loudest' group on the scene (complete with the strangest fashion, the weirdest hair, the biggest dance moves) may be seen as necessary for rookie groups, but to have a group like TVXQ do the same just feels...backwards. It's like having jumped through hoops of fire and faced much worse, you're told you have to jump again.

The prevailing trend in a lot of SM Entertainment releases this year is that they start out with good ideas, but just fail to execute a completely realised concept by just a couple of crucial steps (see: SHINee's Sherlock, f(x)'s Electric Shock).

  • I was pleasantly surprised by the song itself - especially after the heavy electro teaser. Loved the orchestral, melodious elements and the dubstep was fairly minimal.
  • The Catch Me teaser images featured dobermans and HoMin in swanky suits and slightly over-Photoshopped faces. The music video mishmashed biology, robotics and duality/mirrors. SM - just take one concept and run with it
  • There is no relation between the song and the video. The lyrics all followed the whole idea of chasing and the give and take of a painful break up. What does that have to do with...robot arms? There was totally potential for a storyline.
  • SME's videos are the strongest where the dance scenes are interspersed with storyline that matches the song and a few closeups (I'm thinking Wrong Number or Amigo by SHINee). Of course, they're welcome to play out the box in every sense of the word, but, for now, the best baby step is just...a coherent concept. Really.
  • The shiny set with mirrors felt totally out of place with the muted colours of the...large box they were dancing in
  • The clothes could have had higher impact. They really didn't need the 50 billion costume changes in eclectic patterns and differing shapes, especially given whole lighted dragon arm dance. Those shin-length shorts are flattering on no one. If they had been in sophisticated, toned down outfits in dark colours, the lighted effect of the dragon wave and hulk arms could have been MUCH more dramatic
  • The dance was awesome at parts and really showed off how much teamwork and coordination there was between Yunho, Changmin and their back up dancers. But a lot of the moves were ALSO ridiculously over the top and end up looking awkward if there's even a bit of faltering in executing them. They're really carrying the HULK SMASH moves on sheer attitude alone. It also looks exhausting to perform. I'm hoping there won't be any injuries >: /touch wood
  • Just a quibble with the 'Catch Me If You Wanna' phrase. I know it's cliche but 'Catch Me If You Can' just sounds a lot cooler, no? I mean...what if I don't wanna catch them? It's a weird phrase to use, all things considered

VIDEO: Hexaflexagons The narrator's voice is the most adorable thing ever.

READ: Homophobia: The fear other men will treat you like you treat women
This is an absolutely amazing extract from The Terror of Catcalling. I stumbled across this on Tumblr and just had one of those '...oh' moments when someone's expressed what you've wanted to express for so long using the perfect words. Obviously this mostly applies to males with homophobia...will try and do some reading about female homophobia.

“Oh,” I said. “I get it. See, you are afraid, because for the first time in your life you have found yourself a victim of unwanted sexual advances by someone who has the physical ability to use force against you.” 

READ: Blonotes

There's anentire Tumblrdedicated to absolutely beautiful quotes by Tablo and it's a lovely thing to have on the dash.

So excited for Epik High's comeback in October!

MUSIC: Portsmouth Sinfonia

I'll just let the music do the talking.