(♔) STE 011

(♔) STE 011

Another STE post~
  • Art: My Pokemon Soul Silver Team
  • Video: I Got a Boy Teaser (SNSD)
  • Video: RSA Animates
  • Video: Major Fraud
  • Video: Michael Larson on Press My Luck

ART: Pokemon Soul Silver Team

The artwork also known as 'I cannot cell shade'. There was an attempt.

I recently acquired Pokemon Soul Silver from a friend and it is eating. my. life.

My (Chinese pirated) old-school cartridge version of Silver became unplayable, just as I caught Raikou and before the Pokemon League, and I never quite got over it.

Lacking a DS of my own, I'd tried finding emulators when Soul Silver was first released, but they all became corrupted as I got to around the first gym and I eventually ragequit. This one is - touch wood - going pretty well.

I'm playing the game with a strong #yolo mindset - minimal grinding, catching red Gyarados before Cianwood Gym, item cheating etc. Before you judge me, my little brother is doing that enough already.

My team so far (from left to right): Renaldo (Ampharos), Zeke (Quilava), Shah (Gyarados), Noctis (Eevee who needs to evolve into an Umbreon thank you) and Nea (Pidgeotto). Don't ask me why I designed 'me' like that - I have no idea.

Still trying to find the sixth Pokemon to add to my party. Suggestions?

VIDEO: I Got a Boy Teaser (SNSD)

On the whole, I'm excited, despite doubts I have about styling and music. Hoping so much that SNSD's dance line (Hyoyeon, Yuri, Sooyoung, Yoona especially) will get featured a lot more in this comeback.

  • Intrigued by the song - I like the beat at the beginning (not the electro elements too much) and then it turns surprisingly upbeat at the chorus. It seems to be trying to blend Soshi's 'cheerier' music with the more hip hop inspired dance. Not sure how that will go down, but I'm interested to find out

  • The choreography looks pretty challenging and very different to what we're used to from SNSD - hoping for dancing more like back in their Into the New World days
Yoona is my bias forever~

  • Why are all the close-ups shots of the girls doing cutesy things with a dance like this? So tonally jarring, especially Jessica's wink.

  • The styling is...an eclectic mess for the most part, to be honest. The stylists literally took every fashion trend and threw them at the girls and it does. not. work.

    I also didn't think Sunny's hair could get worse but it turns out...it can.

    Still beautiful. Just tragic hair.

    Fashion doesn't always have to be 'pretty' to be gorgeous - you can wear bizarre combinations and out-there hair colours and still look great if you have the right attitude and 'aura' for the look. But I don't expect a Soshi member to pull off striped black and white pants with bright yellow legwarmers and red shoes, and they're...not really doing it.

You thought I was joking but I'm not (Seohyun...I weep for you bb).

VIDEO: RSA Animates

The channel I sing praises to.

Gorgeous art that brings to life absolutely fascinating speeches and will particularly delight visual and auditory learners (and there's nothing as fascinating as watching an art-making process like this, personally).

The best thing is that this is not only fabulous mind food, but diverse mind food. Whether you want to learn about economic theory, or linguistics, or sociology, or psychology, or analysis of digital technology and its effect on democracy, you'll probably find a video worth that 10 minutes you would have procrastinated away on clicking through Wikipedia articles about quiz show scandals or admiring Kiko Mizuhara's face.

It's worth watching, trust me.

VIDEO: Major Fraud

Certainly, this is a heavily editorialised and biased documentary (as well as long) and it's pretty horrible to learn that Mr Ingram's family were consistently harrassed after the deception conviction - probably including innocent people like his children, who were not involved in the fraud. But it's an interesting documentary, nonetheless.

And that's how I ended up on quiz show scandals on Wikipedia.

VIDEO: Michael Larson on Press My Luck

Michael Larson winning a record $107k on US game show Press My Luck and it's kind of hilarious that he trolled the system so hard. To be fair, it was the quintessential embodiment of 'well played'.

This is the full show. You've got to love the special visual and sound quality of old TV shows and the very distinctive way the contestants on Press Your Luck seem to play the game (read: loud and elaborate)

Longer documentary with analysis etc. I haven't watched the whole thing but parts of it seem interesting - especially analysing the board and the patterns he memorised