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(♔) STE 012

Adorable Pixiv Pokemon fanart because the Pixiv artists never sleep (but many make devastatingly great art).

  • Video: Pokemon X & Y Trailer
  • Video: I got a Boy (SNSD)
  • Music: One Kiss (Jaejoong)

VIDEO: Pokemon X & Y Trailer

I have to say I'm both somewhat impressed and super weirded out, which I guess is expected of someone from the Red/Blue/Yellow gen and who grew up playing Sapphire so...

Pokemon's never really differed from its traditional 'birds eye view' format, and it's truly strange to see it go the 3D route - the sprites are unexpectedly really cute and remind me of Animal Crossing. The graphics now have to deal with a new level of sophistication, which will be interesting to see if they get it right.

The battles look like they'll take a long time though because of all the animation. I wonder if it'll get tiring to watch after awhile. 

The style of Pokemon designing has slowly become more cartoonish and Neopet-ish over the years, which is one reason I didn't play Black and White. There's more emphasis on large eyes and adding random extra elements like armour/horns for no reason (and, of course, the fact animal inspiration ran out so they Pokemonfied...ice cream). In that respect, the original 151 still look more 'badass' as a whole, though there have been awesome Pokemon designs from the subsequent gens.

I do understand it's harder to design now and Pokemon was never meant to be something that 'grows' with its audience, so I won't complain too much about it.

This starter evolution conspiracy picture looks pretty awesome though.

Both the legendary Pokemon look great - love the deer.

Edit: Obviously, I'm only an amateur in the Pokemon fandom so I'd recommend watching commentaries by more involved people in fandom, such as Marriland's commentary on the trailer (where he talked about the possibility of customisable trainers!)


The initial wave of criticism and reactions have passed with this video and the reception has been mixed, to say the least.

  • The main problem with the MV was the cutesy terrible - see below - lyrics vs general badass 'vibe' of the music & styling. You got really aegyo parts cutting through the badass because it suited the lyrics, and they felt weird when watching the MV

  • The eclectic street-style fashion was...acceptable, I guess, until the truly WTF middle section with the wigs (also Tiffany at 3:17...who cut up their Paparazzi gloves and made...arm warmers...)

  • They really really didn't need the beginning 'drama' section and it was made truly horrendous by the Comic Sans for the thought bubbles

  • The dancing was fabulous and I was right in saying Hyoyeon, Yuri, Sooyoung and, unexpectedly, Taeyeon really pulled off the vibe. Yuri looks gorgeous with the grey contacts (and green contacts later)

  • The song is still messy. After a few listens, I can see what they were trying to go for, by playing with the structure of the song, but it was a case of missing the forest for the trees. The common thread/beat that should subliminally tie different parts of the song together wasn't prominent enough. Time and key changes just gave it a chaotic feeling, and not in a good way. No one seemed to have taken a step back and said 'hey, this sounds literally like we just stuck four different songs together' with really messy transitions (or no transitions at all)

  • I really love the music from 0:30 - 2:06. Awesome, badass and not what we expect from SNSD. The lines were melodic, highlighted SNSD's singing and they actually used harmony very prominently. But this part of the song should have been its own (awesome) song.
    This electro remix fixed a lot - the song sounds so much more cohesive and like the parts belong in the same room. And the chorus music suited SNSD's overall 'style' - upbeat and bright

  • The lyrics, on the other hand, were utterly terrible. Granted, SNSD's songs were never lyrical geniuses, but is it too much to hope they could sing something like Into the New World again? IGAB lyrics...no words. Ridiculously literal, superficial, shallow and sexist.

    The assumption that a 'conversation between girls' will always consist of superficial appearance judging? ('Gosh, look at her!') The damaging advice - 'he wants to see my face without makeup? No, you can't until he's yours!'

    The freaking 'she became so pretty and sexy, it's because of him, right?' as though girls can't reinvent themselves for themselves. The 'don't you know you're too self-assertive?' because what?

    Also - 'ah my prince! when are you going to come and save me?' because it's totally time to go back several centuries in terms of female independence, right?

    SNSD are in a huge position of influence, it's the 21st Century and it's disheartening to see the lyrics of their songs impart such damaging and backwards advice for young girls, who will inevitably look up to them. Ugh. I mostly blame the lyricist but I also wonder how they themselves can sing something like this and not think of the implications

MUSIC: One Kiss (Jaejoong)

Sometimes when Jaejoong sings his heart out, it can some out sounding a little strained because he likes to drag the note, and that's what happens at 2:22 and some other points. On the whole, it's a solid song - angsty with lovely violin/orchestral elements. The English sections could have been enunciated a little more clearly.

I really hope he'll be able to perform this live somewhere on broadcast. There's something very special about seeing a musician going all out and putting their emotions in a song, and this feels like it would be one of those songs.

The lyrics, at least, are beautiful even if the imagery used is rather expected for a love song. I do love the line 'at the narrowed crossroads, you put wings on me'. Excited to listen to the rest of the mini-album and waiting for an MV if there is one.