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(♔) STE 014

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  • Read: Mizushima Hiro in Kuroshitsuji live action
  • Video: Disturbance (BoA)
  • Thoughts: Fire (SHINee)
  • Video: In Our Time (Tohoshinki)

READ: Mizushima Hiro in Kuroshitsuji live action

I'm excited about Mizushima Hiro's return to acting and, really, Sebastian is a role he was basically born to play. He has the bearing, the looks and the smoulder. I have no idea what they were thinking with his hair though, and I really really hope this isn't the final style.

I'm also very, very weirded out by the premise of the movie adaptation - 130 years later??? What? Was this an attempt to avoid a costly production budget? At the potential expense of removing half the appeal of the Kuroshitsuji series (aka. the shamelessly pseudo-Victorian setting with awesome clothes and props)?


Also, I'm having a hard time picturing who could play Ciel with the whole dark cynicism that characterises his personality.

I'm going to be approaching this movie with a sense of trepidation but hoping to be pleasantly surprised.

Too much to expect?

VIDEO: Disturbance (BoA)

WHOA THIS IS SO BIZARRE; I didn't even know she was releasing something.

  • I actually like the song. It's fast-tempo enough to not just be another angsty ballad. There are some really nice sounding melodies and it's just a really chill song overall. There's nothing that really stood out in the song for me, but it's pleasant on the ears and I might give it more listens in the future

  • Taemin/BoA is so strange to me. I can't buy them as a couple - they looked like siblings. Their age difference is 6 years (?) at most, so it's not...that strange? But the fact that BoA is Taemin's sunbae by a gazillion years, coupled with Taemin's whole 'baby maknae' image makes me feel like she is much older than him, or just playing in a different league/dimension? I'm going to guess SHINee's going to come back soon (I was right)

    • In any case, I can't really buy Taemin's angsting/emote-ing. He looked really tired and dead in the eyes. A lot of people wished it had been Yunho and while I would prefer BoAho to Taemin/BoA, I don't really see Yunho as someone capable of angsting to the extent the MV required either...but they might have made a bit more sense as a 'couple'.

    • Heh at SM tapping into the whole ~new interactive technology of Youtube~ by utilising alternate storyline endings. I'm not sure what it really added to the concept...other than the 'go back in time' ending was the mother of all awkward moments

      THOUGHTS: Fire (SHINee)

      I actually enjoyed their 1000年ずっとそばにいて release so I'll withhold most opinion until the song and MV comes out but...poor SHINee. That font alone should be enough to fire (snort) whoever's designing the album covers. Did they even try?

      Personal opinion but I feel like SHINee should focus on Korea. SM isn't really sparing time to push them out into the J-Pop industry like they did with Tohoshinki (and the atmosphere has, again, changed in relation to K-Pop acts) and they don't exactly have the international mainstream appeal of SNSD to sustain any sort of intense popularity.

       Either market the group as a niche, alternative group to all the general JE acts (and not have weird generic covers like this that basically could just be another JE group) or focus on regaining a foothold in Korea. They really, really need a strong comeback in Korea this year, I think. Especially since it's their 5 year anniversary (sob).

      Poor guys. They have so much potential as performers. It's like seeing a valuable instrument just being left on the shelf, but SM chronically fails to take advantage of their groups' best talents so it's sad I'm not even surprised anymore.  

      VIDEO: In Our Time (Tohoshinki)

      This is such a non-video and, as such, spawns very little opinion. I really feel like Tohoshinki's Japanese concept people have hit a huge creative block and they're not even bothering to try and escape from it

      • There's virtually nothing that distinguishes this video from any of THSK's other ballad-y releases.

        Same formula: HoMin standing in rooms looking nice in similar clothes, barely interacting and singing into air while things happen around them.

        Same camera work (filter, random cool effects sprinkled in). This could have been Still Pt 2 or Winter Rose Pt 4.

        Surely, surely there are better ways to market a duo .__.

      • I'm sorry, but half the chorus consists of 'La la la la. La la la la'. As much as I think their voices have improved, this just screams lazy to me :/ 

      • Obligatory 'grarrrrgh so much wasted potential, they are not getting any younger; they are capable of, and deserve so much more than what you're giving them grragrghghhhh'. But that's just becoming my modus operandi when thinking about any DBSK release nowadays

      • On the plus side, Yunho's hair looks really good

      • Is it 'international bad album/single cover competition month' at SM or something, because all three album covers for Time are atrocious. Literal, bland and the title font looks like a slightly more awkward version of Tone (also wtf at the random Victorian England styling for 'Past')