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(♔) STE 015

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  • Video: To This Day Project
  • Video: Game of Thrones Season 3 Trailer
  • Video: Begin Live (DBSK)
  • Video: Lana Del Rey Hair Tutorial (i-Do)
  • Video: Face-off with a deadly predator 
  • Video: Vivian Maier Trailer

VIDEO: To This Day Project

These are the sorts of videos that take you by your heart and squeezes where it hurts. Amazing words, gorgeous animation, incredibly powerful and deserving to be shared with everyone.

VIDEO: Game of Thrones Season 3 Trailer 

HIGH PITCHED KEENING NOISES. I love that the GoT fandom is stirring on my Tumblr dash now - absolutely excellent. Some amazing visuals in the trailer and I love editing that's in time to the music (the Unsullied! John/Ygritte! Stannis' sword????? THE WALL! ROBB AND CAT ;A; why is Dany on a ship? The shot of Peter Dinklage at the end is amazing)

Loving the music too - Bones by MS MR      


One of the best performances of Begin I've heard. Quickly becoming one of my favourite DBSK performances in general.      

VIDEO: Lana Del Rey Hair Tutorial (i-Do)    


This lacquered hairstyle is so amazing.  The model is really gorgeous as well. Also, why doesn't my hair work like that? ; A ;  

VIDEO: Face-Off with a Deadly Predator (National Geographic)   

I was laughing so hard at this unexpectedly sweet video. I bet the leopard seal was all 'UGH WTF MAN that's a dead penguin you know, you might wanna catch i- NO WHAT. NO. SO DONE WITH YOUR INCOMPETENCE'.
VIDEO: Finding Vivian Maier
I actually read some articles about Vivian Maier when her photographs were first discovered, months (years?) back - I had no idea they were working on a movie, but the trailer looks fascinating and the photographs are indeed amazing so it'd be great to be able to see more of them.

I'm kind of wondering if it's good to be so openly marketing the works of this mysterious photographer who was so adamant on her anonymity. I suppose it's different now that she's passed on and I hope her descendants/family had a say in what was to be done with these photographs.

I have so much respect for her for basically doing her art entirely for the sake of art's sake, but I'm also sad no one ever knew about that side of her...especially people who may have been able to spur her to even greater heights. But hopefully...she won't mind this movie.