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Quick compilation of some short term entertainment I've been snacking on over the past months, in between watching Suits, ostensibly to get myself into a 'lawyer-y' mindset before doing my 60-page Contracts readings, squealing over Game of Thrones Season 3 (meta recommendations below) and actually trying to get uni work done.

  • Video: Audrey Hepburn Galaxy Chocolate Ad
  • Art: Fisheye Placebo
  • Video: What if animals were round
  • Video: 'beautiful' (studio performance) - ayaka
  • Art: Tokyo subway posters
  • Read: Game of Thrones meta compilation

VIDEO: Audrey Hepburn Galaxy Chocolate Ad

As much as I am impressed by how far CGI technology has come (and the little eyebrow quirk and smile when she steals the guy's hat - awesome), I thought this advertisement was pretty problematic when it came out and I'm surprised there aren't more people talking about it (well, also given this was the 'topic of the moment' several weeks ago...)

  • I'm still picking up on 'over-perfections' (too smooth lip lines, eyebrows), which sends her face into the uncanny valley...though that may be because I knew beforehand that she was animated.

  • I found a truly hilarious Youtube comment about the dodgy copy of this advertisements that I can't find again.

    Something along the lines of "they should have had Ms Hepburn open the chocolate in the bus so that Galaxy chocolate 'makes an unpleasant moment pleasant'. Instead it reads: 'Galaxy chocolate - alleviates the guilt of leaving behind sweaty, unpleasant people in a car accident'"

  • I was expecting there to be a lot of debate or outrage going on over the decision to create this ad, the approval of Ms Hepburn's family notwithstanding, but it seems surprisingly subdued.

    Really interesting media theory considerations, like does this cross the line of utilising a deceased person's image for commercial gain, how much consensus should the surviving family get in the matter, does this 'cheapen' the image built up by the celebrity during their lifetime to have their image 'recycled' for commercial gain when they cannot object?

    Info from the animators

ART: Fisheye Placebo

I've been a fan of yuumei since I pretty much started using deviantart, particularly her Knite comics. I love the concepts, love her art style and I'm often touched by the deeply personal messages and heart she puts into her work.  The only sad thing is that she doesn't update very often.

Fisheye Placebo's premise sounds incredibly fascinating and I'm loving the movie-like, cinematographic feeling of the comic so far.  Watch this space for updates  

VIDEO: What if animals were round (ROLLIN' SAFARI)

This is the cutest thing ever  

VIDEO: 'beautiful' studio session (ayaka)

I would have made a MV review for this but it's not really a MV... it's still utterly gorgeous - I got goosebumps towards the end. Definitely recommend watching the other live videos as well. I love ayaka's music (squee'd so much when she married Mizushima Hiro, who is so perfect, all the way back in 2009) and I'm so happy to see she's singing again (:  

ART: Tokyo subway posters

    Made me laugh so much. I want to be this fabulous when I grow up. What is it about metro etiquette posters?

        READ: Game of Thrones Meta Compilation

        Something for you to read because you should never consume media without questioning it (: Keep an eye on my Tumblr and fandom Tumblr for reblogs as the show continues.

        Just so you know, I like Catelyn and Robb as characters and I don't like what HBO's done to them pretty much at all so there will be a lot of meta defending Catelyn and deconstructing the problematic things that have arisen from the HBO representation. Also, Margaery badass-ness because she is amazing.