(♔) STE 017

(♔) STE 017

Survived more than a week with capped (read: super slow) internet after exams and it's finally back in time for the beginning of semester break (:

Images from Nowhere is my new photography and art blog (with its own Tumblr) where I'll post larger versions of my original creations. Please follow me if you'd like c: I'm still ironing out some HTML, so bear with me. Warning: Not for the the low-of-bandwidth.

  • Read: Language Learning Resources
  • Video: Foreshortening techniques
  • Read: GOT Meta post compilation
  • Thoughts: Itazura na Kiss
  • Video: Surgeon Simulation (RageQuit)
  • Read: I'm still here: back online after a year without internet (Paul Miller)
  • Video: Dear Zachary

Completely randomly, here's how to get rid of those things (aka 'pills') that appear on your clothes

READ: Language learning resources

Given the time and conditions, I'd happily learn all the languages. zelour, who I follow on Tumblr, made a really adorable and concise Korean learning post that gives some easy-to-follow lessons. As an English speaker, I think constructing Korean words comes pretty intuitively because it follows the same logical pattern as constructing English words.

I had another huge language learning post from Tumblr but can't find it anymore ):

VIDEO: Foreshortening techniques

BLESS THIS GUY. My face after watching and then trying this out was literally (⊙△⊙). This is so useful, simple and definitely worth watching if you don't know this technique.     

READ: Game of Thrones Meta Post Compilation

I know the third season ended quite a while ago but have some thoughtful and interesting text posts from this amazing fandom (you can find more compiled at ASOIAF University).  


THOUGHTS: Itazura na Kiss ~Love in Tokyo~ 

Shamelessly invested. Don't even ask. Read my pimp post for a possible explanation of why   

VIDEO: Surgeon Simulation (Rage Quit)

I've never laughed so hard in my life. Warning: Strong language  

READ: I'm still here: back online after a year without the internet (Paul Miller)

Fascinating article from someone brave enough to commit for so long over something I sometimes wonder if I should do. Ultimately, the message I felt like Miller was imparting is that it's all about balance. To completely deny technology like the internet denies the fact that, for the past century or so, technology has made our lives much more efficient.

The initial 'honeymoon' period is the most valuable and if we can give ourselves a period like that once in awhile...I think it would be a huge benefit to one's life. But to sustain a complete separation from the rest of world and to be so utterly 'out of sync' creates its own problems and I think the human desire to be connected wins out.  

VIDEO: Dear Zachary

Horrifying and heartbreaking documentary, recommended via that Reddit documentary post a month or so ago. Clearly, that means you should watch it