denim and belts: Forever New, sweater: Miako, lipstick: MAC, bag: Raoul

Recent purchases for the half year and Miako product review. 

I've been letting myself indulge in consumerism more in the past few years, compared to six years of high school where wardrobe additions were scarce. Nowadays, after discovering Line Camera's editing function, it's double Instagram OOTDs and vanity all the way (but in moderation).

The goal right now is to invest in good quality items that will last (starting from basics and staple pieces) and buy things only when they're on sale. Probably Clothes Buying 101 but everyone has to start somewhere, right?

Love the Korean 2013 Sweater I got from Miako. Shipped on the 1st May and arrived on the 22nd May.

Any online clothes shop with free shipping will get at least a quick browse from me, on principle. Really love the feel of the outer fabric and the fleece-y lining of the sweater for extra warmth. The collar is pretty wide - for me, it could probably be almost off-the-shoulder. The sleeves are not very long and have a slight batwing effect.

The beads are more sparse than the product image. I'm thinking some will fall off at some point, because they're stitched in rather delicately, but they've survived the heavy straps of my uni backpack so far so fingers crossed

Definitely going to keep an eye out for new items from Miako, as well as eagerly awaiting a restock of their Vintage Platform Creepers (so annoyed at myself for passing on those because of a momentary hesitation of self-consciousness about the platform height. I will stomp around on 10cm high platforms while I can still get away with it)

Collar detail (in which I look at random objects in the distance). The colour is edited slightly because yellow lighting is the bane of night-time photography

Investing in my first lipstick: Vegas Volt by MAC (introduced by Jenn Im of clothesencounters - one of my favourite Youtubers). I'm definitely not a lipstick person so this should last me quite a while. The shade is bright and slightly more orange than pink, but it's hopefully subtle enough to wear in professional settings

Love the Cindy Two Pack rose gold and white belts from Forever New. They were out of mediums so I chose a small (assuming I'd use them mostly for belting things at the waist) but I wish I chose the large size because I can't use the small size as actual belts ):

Finally found my denim shirt button-down and high waisted skinny jeans staples, also at Forever New (and at a 40% discount, thanks to a promotion!)

My Lorna Tipped Collar Shirt was literally the last one in the shop. I wish it had been a size smaller because this one is best worn as a 'jacket' instead of an undershirt, but I love the fabric, the colour and the gold-tipped collar.

The Hunter highwaisted skinny jeans are so soft, light and stretchy; I've been wearing them religiously.

The Raoul bag was an incredible steal. Got it second hand in almost mint condition for $65, down from over $300 (!!?!). It's so silver and luminescent and definitely a statement piece.