• Dream Girl (SHINee)
  • One Shot (B.A.P) 

      (new post type!) I love analysing and critiquing music videos; done right, they are an amazing asset to a song and often add extra dimensions to a concept. I'll be focusing on cinematography, presentation, coherency, flow and styling and some mild (very amateur) critique of the music.
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      Dream Girl (SHINEE)

      Overall, a solid MV that sets itself slightly apart from other typical K-Pop releases. Coming from SME with their recent creative track record, it's a good effort.

      • Song is nice - nothing earth-shattering, but upbeat, lots of energy and very...shiny (yeaaaaaah). Impressed that Taemin is singing such prominent parts.

        • Really loved the microphone stand props - slightly gimmicky, yes, but unique in the world of K-Pop releases. The dance was solid but didn't particularly grab me. Maybe it'll be different once I see it live.  Okay, the dance version gave me a better view of the dance and it is really quite impressive. How do they make the floor look so slippery and effortless?

          People from Omona have also brought to my attention the number of potential accidents that could go wrong, especially Onew with a mike stand. Please don't let anything happen... Though, if SHINee can pull all of this off in their live, they will really cement their reputation as amazing performers, at least to me

          • CRYING IN HAPPINESS at the fact they're all dressed in suits. Ridiculously patterned suits but suits, nonetheless. Instantly makes them seem more mature and gives the quirkiness some structure and cohesiveness through the common silhouettes.

            I actually love Jonghyun's flower pants. Don't like Key's shoes or Onew's pants that much, but I can ignore it.

            They're still styled ridiculously, but the clash of prints, on the large part, actually work together and actually look...styled. Least favourite suit combo would probably be Taemin. Whoever put him in the pink turtleneck and weird trippy pink illusion short pants should be fired.

            Did the stylists finally get a light installed in the wardrobe (apart from the dark corner where Taemin's clothes are)? BLESS. 

            • The use of glitches and pixels in transitions was unique, but used a bit too much and randomly in places so the effects looked a little too glitch-y, instead of being a deliberate aesthetic choice

              • Impressed with the set of the MV because, come on, this is SM. Granted, they were still boxes but they were optical illusion boxes

                • Jonghyun drew the 'bad hair' stick for this release - don't like the hair colour or the bleached eyebrows that throw off his strong features, but it could have been worse. Also, boy needs to watch his face because it is ridiculous (but I say that half-affectionately...he's like a chihuahua puppy)

                • I didn't like the weird greenish-yellow filter used in some of the scenes. I know what they were going for, but I think it was the wrong colour

                  • Speaking of lighting...was it just me or did some shots look really LQ (yellow-y) and blurry? Like someone had added an extra layer on Photoshop, Gaussian Blur-ed and set it to overlay (ah, 2006-ish image editing conventions...) Particularly 1:32, 1:34, 1:45, 2:16...was it an attempt to make their skin smoother?

                    • Onew was adorable, guh. His rolling around the floor part reminded me of some post-modern video work. There are also some shots where he really looks like Song Joon ki. Just me?


                    One Shot (BAP)

                    There was enough general flailing on my Tumblr dash to pique my curiousity. No idea who anyone is, but I appreciate that this is a plot-based MV that actually has a plot. On the whole, I thought it was a great MV, even if it's not overwhelmingly outstanding.

                    • The introduction on a boat with a completely different tune and plot to everything else was really jarring. (also, if they could afford yachts and escorts and fancy Hummer-looking cars, couldn't they have paid the $10 mil?) 

                      • The rapper's English is hard to understand at the beginning because of his deep, gravelly voice - enunciate!

                        • I like the beat of the song and how smooth it sounds. I also like that it's a melodious chorus 

                          • Decent camera work and some exciting angles. Really loved the camera working with the motion of a gunshot and the frames moving up and down in the shooting at the end  

                            • Most of the guys need work with their acting and emoting - particularly in the scene where they find out their friend's being beaten up and when he gets shot. Several of them looked oddly underwhelemed 

                              • The push ups and hip thrusts in the dance were weird...done in the name of fanservice, but weird nonetheless.

                                Lots of ground and low level dancing, which is really interesting because it's not really done in K-Pop much. But, the focus of One Shot was the 'gun' motif so I feel like the dance should have been less gritty and 'bulky' and more sleek and sharp (like a bullet).

                                I really like that 'gunshot' move in the dance and appreciate that they've incorporated the theme with the choreography and that the sound effects actually match the actions 

                                    • The MV cycles through colour palettes and most of the shots are rich and well lit. I would have liked to see a more creative use of the colour (perhaps symbolically) but that's a minor point

                                      • I like the alternate ending way more than the original 'ROCKS FALL EVERYONE DIES MASS SHOOTING' ending (because seriously, it was kind of lulzy, even though I know they meant for it to be super serious)

                                        However, I think it was a mistake to have the two endings. Particularly because the endings have nothing to do with each other and the betrayal of the alternate ending was too sudden because:

                                        (1) we (non-fans) didn't have any emotional investment in the relationship between the kidnapped member and the rest of BAP beyond some 2-second flashbacks and

                                        (2) the only crime we saw BAP commit was in order to get money to save their 'kidnapped' friend...so unless the undercover cop was trying to frame BAP for something...it was...weird?

                                        It was like the MV writers couldn't decide which one to choose so they were like 'why can't we have both?' but, in this case, it feels lazy 

                                            • I read in the YT comments that One Shot is actually an amalgamation of 3 songs...props to the fact they actually fit together to sound like one song (IGAB, take note)