• It's Over (Lee Hi)
  • Just Go (RANIA)

    I just realised the lyrics of both songs follow a common theme and both music videos failed at communicating the theme clearly! Also, I'll try to review some non-K-pop music videos next time...need to get back on the J-Pop and C-Pop scene... (click for GIF credit~)

    It's Over (LEE HI)

    This song was about a break up right

    • Kind of an underwhelming song - there isn't any sort of progression in the music so it ended up being too repetitive, with very little distinction between verse and chorus

      I like Lee Hi's smoky voice and it's clear YG has a specific sound in mind for her songs, but it was a little too similar to 1, 2, 3, 4 (which was better, song wise)

        • Lee Hi's adorable in this. She's a little better at looking natural when emoting in the song and it's clear she was having fun (THIS WAS A BREAK UP SONG THOUGH).

          That being said, I don't think she was quite ready to carry a blank, minimalist set (a la GD&TOP in Knock Out - and even they only had the blank set sometimes)

            • The GD references are becoming kind of tiring, though cute. Also, I C U blatant product advertising ($10 to bet that teddy bear will be available at the ~YG shop~ soon) 

              • I like some of her costumes (the bear hat with the pink dress, the teal houndstooth and the yellow dress are my favourites) but others infantalise her a little too much, especially since she's already a baby-faced girl and tiny to boot. I would have liked some edge in her outfits juxtaposed with the sugary sweetness of the soft toys and pastel colours.

                Just Go (RANIA) 

                  The girls of Rania are gorgeous and I'm glad they're back after all that controversy with Dr Feel Good and uncertainty after people in the group left. I really like the song, the girls look great, but the music video could have reflected the concept more instead of being rather blatantly seeking shock factor. 

                  • Whoever did the typography for the video should not be getting paid because seriously, the logo name looks cheap. Especially at the end of the music video...is that Impact font? With that logo?

                    • The individual outfits are, for the most part, pretty good. Loved the styling for the girl at 0:59 and the girl in the suit at 1:16

                      • Yeah, something has to be said about the dance. I liked the strength in the moves and I certainly have no problem with them being confident enough to work their bodies however they like. But the theme of the song is about ending a relationship? The entire music video should be reflecting that concept.

                        I only have problems with overtly sexy moves when it's clear it's been shoved in there with little consideration of the song/concept and, therefore, exclusively for shock value or for the (mostly) male gaze

                        • Sorry, their performance outfits look atrocious, especially the black version. Cheap-looking lace that makes them look like they have some weird fungal growth (yeah, sorry, enjoy that mental image) and ridiculously unflattering =_= hoping they will have better live performance outfits

                          • Their makeup was a bit much for some girls but worked really well for others. The blonde-haired girl needs to DEEP CONDITION HER HAIRRRR. Also, WTF is with the weird spotty blue dye job in her individual shot? (1:19) Totally random and the wrong shade of blue (cornflower????) to boot

                            • Generic cinematography for the most part, but I did like the 'tick tick tick' part at 1:49 and the way the camera effects reflected her movements

                              • I didn't really get the story? Why was the girl running? Who was the guy with the seedy moustache? The girls are still a little...stiff with emoting but it wasn't too bad