• Jane Doe (Takahashi Minami from AKB48)
  • Man in Love (Infinite) 


     The 'I know vaguely about these people because of my best friends but not really!' edition. Click for GIF credit~

    Jane Doe (TAKAMINA) (Full PV)

    I'm barely keeping up with any J-Pop, but two of my best friends are very big AKB48 fans and I thought of them when I came across Takamina's solo single.

    • The 'black' version styling is spot on (love the hat and the collared shirt!)

      • Unfortunately, Takamina is also wearing the most unflattering red dress I've ever seen. It's almost aggressively ugly, to coin a T-Lo phrase. She's swimming in the skirt and the top reduces her torso to a box ._. 

        • The PV is underwhelming firstly because the ratio of plot-based shots to Takamina performance/close-ups is about 1:10. The shots were repetitive, especially the close-ups with the mirrors. She's basically singing on stage and walking/running for 80% of the PV.

          The little plot we do get is hilariously simplistic. Those were the most epic fail bodyguards I've ever seen. A less-than-155cm Japanese girl in a top hat and heels is running towards you and you stay crouch down, cower and point at her. She throws a magic diamond necklace at a tower about 100km away and it magically restores...light to the universe...

          And then Takamina smiles before she is probably taken away by the bodyguards for some severe repercussions (unless they disintegrated into dust with the light because why not?)

            • Hilariously cheap-looking CGI city is hilariously cheap-looking and CGI

              • I quite liked the song, in all its 'anime OST'ish glory. It's just so very...J-pop. Her voice sounds a little bit...nasally (like she has a cold) at some points though

                Man in Love (INFINITE) 

                  Infinite is one of the newer K-pop idol groups I actually know a little about (mostly due to R and K-dramas). I recognise about 4 members (Sunggyu, L/Myungsoo, Hoya, Sungyeol?).

                  This was a really unexpectedly upbeat and bright, shiny video. Not my cup of tea but, at the very least, entertaining to watch.

                  • Their chorus voices are really nasally. Coupled with the synths of the song, the song was a little bit too cheesy and whiny at parts. I was not expecting it to be this upbeat and cheerful. It's not something that I'd listen to on a regular basis but...hey, good workout music

                      • Look at that - a coherent concept! Good job! Even if it's just generic pandering to romantic fangirls and stuffed with sweet things, baking (yay for subversion and males in the kitchen!) and kittens (literally). It's the perfect sweet and unrealistic shoujo anime ideal type in action and it's like seeing a bright, candy pop-y unicorn. Applause for sticking to the concept through and through but, as a matter of personal taste, no thank you.

                        I don't really like the cloud set at the beginning because the yellow prop in the background was attention-pulling and the yellow clashes with the shade of blue of the 'sky'. 

                          • 'Man in love' does not mean 'derp face' (*cough L and Hoya cough*). No one caught my eye in particular with their emote-ing and the whole thing was so cutesy to the point of diabetes-inducing cringe so...I may have been a bit distracted...

                              • Smooth camera work, especially the shifting perspectives during the dance scenes that highlight their formation. I loved the lighting of fairy lights in time with music because I am a sucker for those timing gimmicks. 

                                  • The styling reminds me of SHINee's styling and, looking back on the Dream Girl MV, it doesn't work very well for either group. Looking at them individually, you could grudgingly be persuaded to think 'well, if there's any time to be wearing loud clashing prints, why not when you're young and the subject of fangirl love?'

                                    Group-wise, it fails, especially with so many of them.

                                    You can have loud colours but they can't clash with each other or be too focus pulling in the group lineup. The guys with the blue coat, pink shirt and orange pants were all competing for attention. The black and white suits for group lineup go together better.

                                    I also don't like the neon + grey trend in their 'casual' clothes

                                      • Okay the storyline had me laughing because I know what the MV intended and that is perfectly okay (albeit predictable), but it was so much more fun to take a subversive reading and pretend they were preparing things for each other. 

                                        Especially that moment at 3:17, which is actually every single k-drama romance scene.
                                        I don't usually watch their videos, but Eat Your Kimchi's MV review of this did a good job at pointing out the gigantic plotholes littering the music video. 

                                      • Seriously, who is writing the script (is there a script?) and did anyone actually read the script when preparing props? Or giving acting directions? (wait, don't answer that, they're probably not) 

                                        Many plot-based MVs in Korea seems to suffer problems of execution and writing, but they get points for at least trying, instead of just giving the idols a dance video in a box (*coughSMEcough*)