(004) MV REVIEW (PSY AND 15&)


  • Gentleman (PSY)
  • Somebody (15&)

If this is your first time seeing Ga-In (the girl in Psy's video), she is part of the Brown Eyed Girls and most of the dance is from Abracadabra. Check out their other music videos because they are awesomesauce.

Gentleman (PSY)

Ugh. I had high hopes for Psy and was really hoping the MV for Gentleman wouldn't fulfill expectations that he's a 'one trick pony' but nope.

Yes, I'm going to compare it to Gangnam Style because it was made to be GS 2.0, with the hopes of replicating GS's success. You can't possibly ignore the context when critiquing the decisions of the producers and concept people. I think there were better extensions of Psy's image and better ways to keep the hype of his name going. There were also better qualities of GS that contributed to its viral quality that they could've used.

Honestly? The MV was just alright. The tone was a huge 180 from Psy's playful, effortless image in GS and the satire (I hope it's satire) was not thought through or executed very well (there was maybe 10% material that called attention to the fact it was ironic and 90% was not).

People not watching carefully for the irony (which is most people) can very easily read the MV as 'Psy being a hip-thrusting asshole' and that is not good for image management. 

  • The song structure imitates GS too closely, especially the climax =_= and I have no idea what Psy's trying to get at with the lyrics either. All of Psy's previous releases tended to have some sort of message or irony where the lyrics contrasted with the MV, but this one feels more like he just decided to insert as much (hashtag) 'swag' as possible and most of it was him straight-lacedly demonstrating the obnoxiousness of the lyrics

      • Groan at the Gangnam Style references. We get it. It's really not helping his case against allegations of 'one trick pony' (a song more along the lines of Right Now would be amazing in progressing GS's playful, 'be ridiculous!' vibe but also standing as its own song)

          • I was pretty disappointed they basically chose to recycle the Abracadabra dance + poor man's horse dance. Abracadabra had already been done three years ago...I'm sad it'll probably be associated more with Gentleman by international audiences than the original song. The movements are also hard to replicate for the public (how do they keep hip thrusting when turning?) and a key factor in GS's success was that everyone could do the dance. Nevertheless, hopefully this means more international attention on Ga-In and the Brown Eyed Girls because they are awesome and they make really good music videos.

              • I love anything featuring Yoo Jae Suk and Hongchul's hipthrusting though, not even gonna lie. The first group dance scene was great (Haha is killing it!) and there were a couple of great dance moments

                  • I liked the opening with Psy just randomly Abracadabra-ing in the formal clothes shop with that repetitive beat. It gets too much for the entire song, but the opening and the utter contrast between the formality of the old man with the goatee and Psy being...Psy was nicely done

                    • Most of the humour in this video just doesn't appeal to me, especially the ones aimed towards all the women - it's juvenile, gross at points and at the expense of other people, without a lot of the surreal, upbeat ridiculousness of GS to smooth things over. The satire, this time around, was more cynical and with a bit more 'bite', but I don't think it was executed thoroughly enough so it came across more as a gratuitous opportunity to act rudely. I get that some people might find it amusing but my reaction was more ಠ_ಠ???? than anything

                        • Ga-In kind of saved the video? She really wasn't utilised very well, but she owns all the scenes she appears in (that smize). I really REALLY hope she'll get a Hyuna-ish spin-off called 'Lady' or something where she gets back at Psy and the other guys with all the humiliated girls. I would watch the heck out of that 

                        Somebody (15&)

                        I actually like this a lot - it's funky, playful with a touch of retro that instantly marks it as a JYP release. It wasn't as artistic as Lee Hi's Rose (which was stunning and a great progression for her image - did YG's good concept artists all get tied up working on this instead of Psy's?) but it was a great MV to cement the style of the duo.

                        • Of course JYP would be in the MV. Then again, would he be JYP if he didn't? This was kind of cute though, in a...weird way. 

                          • It's a coherent concept, though shamelessly pandering to K-Pop Star audiences. There's still a disconnect between the lyrics (about love) and the concept of the music video though. Unless they all fell in love with the girl in the white suit which...hey, why not? But yeah, not sure if that's the message they wanted to impart through the song

                            • I like most of the styling, especially the black, white and yellow outfits. It was a smart choice to go with bold prints and bright colours. I'm not sure the SUPER COLOURFUL sets (especially the 'audition' set with the random green and orange stripes) were the best idea though because they detracted from the outfits of the performers


                            • I love the way the two girls' voices work together. Warm and full, but not too mature-sounding. Great sound.