• The Baddest Female (CL)
  • Bad Girl (Lee Hyori)


I kind of expected more from CL. For all the busy visuals, the MV was strangely underwhelming. Reminds me a lot of my reaction to G-Dragon's Crayon and One of A Kind - it's okay, but not rocking my world

  • I get that over-the-top, pop-y colours and bling is YG's 'thing', but repeatedly overloading the senses with costume and set changes doesn't make the MV automatically edgy or uninspired - it has to be done so the choices look deliberate, instead of chaotic and messy. There was very little cohesion between segments so it felt like they shot all these different MVs and couldn't decide which one to use so they just smushed it all together

    • After a point, the visuals really become a crutch - flashy colours, bling, sparkles, gimmicks and shock factors trying to mask the fact the song is repetitive and lacking any sort of aural narrative. It's, quite simply, a song to be watched and, even then, there is no particular plot or even dance to watch

      Perhaps it's simply not my cup of tea. I appreciate a lot of fans are perfectly happy just rewatching the MV and looking for details like a treasure hunt in MV form. To a casual listener...ehh...it wouldn't be a song I'd pick to just listen to, or even watch too many times over

    • Love CL's hair colour and the logo design (I'm a sucker for coat of arms, can you tell?). I really wish she had stuck with the glamorous vibe in the beginning because that she makes that styling sing.

      The bright neon, pigtails, lollipops and the swing made her look weirdly infantile, and I didn't like the 'hood' vibe and the slightly tacky, cheap-looking bling. A+ for confidence though; wish I could channel that attitude

      (also, Mademoiselle Yulia!)

        BAD GIRL (Lee Hyori)

        Here's where a good music video and coherent concept can do wonders. I liked the music's playful, swinging vibe (almost Marvel comic cartoon soundtrack-y) better than CL's, but it was a bit repetitive and not brilliant. The lyrics were marginally better but, without the MV, would have still come across as rather simplisitic.

        • I appreciate the MV attempted to communicate an ongoing concept and succeeded for the most part: the girl acting out against these corrupt and hypocritical workings in everyday life is deemed 'bad' but Hyori embraces the title and stands up for herself against everything from superficial family neglect to corrupt school favouritism to misogyny. It's a refreshing, tongue-in-cheek way of addressing, criticising and parodying societal issues but still being 'fun'. Baby steps, baby steps.

          (clearly the way to deal with high school bullies is to throw bombs at them)

          • The music video's comic style reminded me a lot of JYP's retro style (very Wonder Girls' Tell Me esque). Yay for correct and appropriate English subtitles.

            • I'm not sure if a dark lip was the best styling decision for Hyori. It makes her skin look more yellow than it should be (though that's partly due to the less-than-stellar lighting). The eyebrows...are ugly-cute. I like that the heroine wasn't just conventionally pretty and Hyori oozes confidence

              • The styling is excusable because of the image Hyori's adopting but...wear either a really elaborate or ginormous pair of earrings or a chunky necklace. Both at the same time is a bit much. The yellow trenchcoat colour was really not working for her colouring as well ._.

                I liked the cute and bold colourful sets, but lighting for the closeups could definitely have been more flattering

                • The Impact font in the chorus made me cry on the inside (typography gives me feelings). why did that have to be added in???