• 빠빠빠 Bar Bar Bar (Crayon Pop)
  • 11AM & Incredible teaser (Xia Junsu)
  • Falling in Love (2NE1)

I admit my MV reviews are about 90% K-Pop because I receive the most K-Pop information through my online news feeds and they're readily accessible (because seriously, isn't it time to dispense with 'short' PV versions, Japan? How on earth did I manage to follow J-pop groups back in the day with less than 7GBs of internet per month...?)

That said, I am totally open to recommendations for all kinds of music. I focus on pop music because its music videos are usually the most 'cinematic', so there's more to think about in terms of how the visuals of the music video 'sell' the song. I'll be interested to know if other music videos for other genres do the same.

There are three this time because I don't have much to say about Junsu's MV. Click on GIFs for credit


Crayon Pop's MV demonstrates how important music videos are to the K-Pop genre - while the music itself may be good workout music or jogging music, the bulk of the impact comes from the visuals and music working together

  • I think the entire song would have worked better if it had built up to an explosive bridge. Without it, the music loses momentum, feels more repetitive and is only saved by the variety in the dance moves. Also, articulation! I thought they were saying 'compete' for the first few listens until I looked up the lyrics

      • On the whole, the girls' voices are super high and rather thin as a chorus. It just doesn't dominate the ear like you'd want a song like Bar Bar Bar to do. I'm not sure if it's because the music is too soft, because the song's key is too high for them or because their voices are inherently thinner. They need a more full-bodied sound if they want to be doing shouting chants

          • Crayon Pop's schtick is apparently being more left-field to distinguish them from the bajillion other K-pop girl groups and, on that front, I find them refreshingly different. The song itself comes across sounding like an exercise/workout anthem so it's nice to see them in sporty-looking styling and shoes that they can actually dance in. It would have been great to see them pull some more exaggerated expressions so they matched the energy of the sound and lyrics

            • The bold graphic designs, colours and helmets certainly establishes a distinct aesthetic. It's a good thing they kept the form of the clothes relatively simple to stop the girls from looking too juvenile but they do look very young and very much 'new gen' idol group haha  

                11AM & INCREDIBLE TEASER (JUNSU)  

                I don't have much to say about this. I have no idea why LOEN is 'hosting' the release but I hope it gets Junsu more visibility (and bless them for providing the English subtitles). It's a lovely song - relaxing, melodic and simple to listen to, and highlights the cleanness of Junsu's voice.

                The styling and set design is minimal and fabulous. The hair is just alright here but it could be worse (*coughlikebelowcough*). I think the acapella stopped at a slightly awkward place? It would have sounded better if it had gone for the first third of the MV? Junsu's passionate head bobbing is endearingly awkward and was the only slightly giggle-worthy part of the MV    


                I will need some time to get over this hair. They shaved the sides way too much. Also, I feel like there's a dissonance between Junsu's whole princely/lord regalia and the beach-y, neon LA vibe going on in the dance routine. We'll have to see what happens...  

                FALLING IN LOVE (2NE1)   

                I actually quite like the song, despite the fact it's a summer song for the middle of our winter. You can just imagine dusk in summer along the beach - lighthearted and uncomplicated and easy to dance to and remember.

                • I really like Minzy's voice and the melody of the chorus. Not a huge fan of the rap part or the 'touch me over here' part because it's just the same tune the whole way through and really really repetitive. I was laughing so hard at the Johnny Depp shout-out

                  • Dara's blonde hair is not working for her. Her skin is way too pale for it and it washes her out completely. Minzy's contacts are looking great and surprisingly natural with her dark hair but I wish the stylists would give her a new cut. The pink looked pretty good on her. CL is looking fabulous and owns the whole vibe. I think Bom's body shape would actually suit pants way more than super short dresses ):

                      • Loving the graphic prints of their styling - especially Minzy's pants and Dara's entire white + graphic pants outfit. The white Alexander Wang outfits with gold accents are beautiful as well (not sure about Dara's bindi-looking thing...is that some sort of cultural appropriation? :/)

                        I'm also not sure if their dance outfits really work together because CL's dress draws all the attention and Bom and Dara blend into the background because of the colours of their clothes