A moment of silence for the brave whiteout tapes and pens that died for my HSC. I think these were only the ones I used during the actual exams (and the trial exams?). I definitely worked my way through many more pens throughout the year.

I had an elaborate plan to make a makeshift coffin for them and everything after the exams were over, but that...didn't happen, to put it simply. So here's a commemorative photo I took before I threw them out.

You should know that when I go on a nostalgia spree, I don't stop easily...

More spring cleaning - I relocated all these プリクラ (purikura) photos (+ large photo studio photos) because this big purikura board I made in Year 9 was getting in the way. There's at least $100 worth of sticker photos on this board alone, and I have more in my purikura book, after I stopped with the board. Way more.
For about 3 years, purikura was my biggest indulgence; a trip to the purikura machines on the top floor of Capitol was the obligatory way to finish off every outing in the city - and I mean every outing. They're not cheap - usually $18 per photo session. If you're shoving 15 people in a tiny booth (our record was...maybe 16?), that's not a lot to pay, individually, but you end up with a tiny sticker full of heads (as seen above) that I, personally, never actually 'stick' anywhere (I still adore them though).
Then I went to Japan, where they're all 400円 (approx. $5AUD). I cried tears of blood upon returning to Sydney and suddenly sticker photos were no longer mandatory components of a city outing. Go figure.
The habit is hard to shake though. There's something so familiar and comforting about adding glitter, sparkles and silly stamps with the oversized pen, to the background J-Pop music and the sugary voice cheerfully telling you 'ボーナスタイム、スタート!'
The only perk about Australian purikura, compared to Asia? The time limit usually stops at 60 seconds because there aren't as many people and you have plenty of time to make your purikura 100% elaborate. On the other hand, we're still confused as to why the newer machines all freakishly enlarge our eyes without permission.
Since most of us are working part-time jobs, we have more of an excuse to go for a photo session, no?

Now back to packing...