morning glory umbrella, mirvac promotion speakers from O-Week, sony xperia phone, wallet, pencil case, prada sunglasses, iPod Touch, MUJI notebook, Moleskine sketchbook, ONTO headphones

Essentials for the daypack, as I prepare for a 9hr drive up the NSW coast with a 6:30am start tomorrow. The only consolation is that I'm not the one driving.

Not pictured: my laptop and the 2048201 chargers for electronics (I vow I will not be going up there to spend my days on the internet!)

I bring a diary with me on every holiday and the thin MUJI notebook will serve this 5-day trip just fine, along with my 3-year-old Moleskine sketchbook...hopefully some sketching is on the agenda. Minimal jewellery.

The headphone cord will be even more tangled when I fish it out of my bag tomorrow, I can guarantee you.

I had Steven Pinker's 'The Language Instinct' originally in this lineup but past experience at idyllic holiday houses has taught me I will earnestly finish 5 pages on the first day and have it lie in my daypack for the rest of the week. Instead: sketching, beach, games and photography~

The umbrella is for the forecasted week of rain and my precious Minimal Baroque sunglasses are a symbol of hope. Let's hope I'll be able to wear them.

Roadtrip snacks of the Asian variety:

sesame crackers, mandarin peel, EDO gummies, Kopiko coffee candy of my childhood, Extra sweetmint gum

Wish us luck for the drive!