(014) RESET

(014) RESET

Firstly, belated happy 2013! Eight days into the year and I find myself attempting to juggle work, photo editing, drawing practice and co-writing with R over the next few weeks. Productivity will (hopefully) be over 9000. Watch this space!
You also might want to join me in the corner awaiting the rest of Jaejoong's solo rock album (there will be opinions aplenty, particularly if/when a MV comes out). Or give me pointers on catching Lugia because that Soul Silver game is still going on. 
The rest of this is a bit of a belated 'last photos from 2012' (aka. New Years Eve photos) post, mostly from my phone so please excuse the awkward image sizes. 


Somewhat belated New Years photos. It was a comparatively quiet New Years, full of watching fireworks from my uncle's balcony and really good food. Unfortunately I ran out of battery on my phone after the entree, before I could take photos of everything else ):

NYE outfit. Love this dress - it was a literal 'last minute' purchase. 
Also, fireworks photos - pretty much 100% lucky dip - hoping the camera shutter clicked at the right moment. Taken on phone so I'm keeping the images small to minimise blurriness.