I demand to know where my January went!

The answer (or part of it):

  • Eating
  • Working
  • Meetups with friends
  • Making high pitched whale noises at the LBD updates (the show is a genius with trans-media usage and sneaky little set-ups for future episodes. Domino shenanigans - I call it now! Also, the show is ending in two weeks. Two weeks)
  • Aggressively Tumblr-ing (attempting to clear out my 'Likes' and actually managing to have more than 40 items in a queue)
  • Indulging in the full HD (!) episodes Asia's Next Top Model (how else do I spend a rainy long weekend? Also, Kate is adorable)
  • Looking forward to the release of Captive Prince (FEBRUARY FOURRRRR)
  • Trying to deal with the fact I have to get through a 59 page unit outline for a single subject, hopefully before Uni begins again. Sigh. 

One step at a time.

Korean cold noodles (naengmyeon) are a godsend on 30C summer days * v *

Making tiramisu at H's place and realising we didn't have any cocoa powder...so it was time to test out knife skills with improvised cooking chocolate shavings. Shoutout to V for manually whisking egg whites into peaks because she is a machine.

Working on a couple of STE posts, taking photographs and MORE ARTWORK before uni swallows me up and my tablet begins to collect dust. Wish me luck and watch this space c: