Semester has started and I'm trying to figure out how to juggle ridiculous amounts of readings, work, this blog and making sure my tablet's dust bunny collection doesn't get bigger

Some highlights of semester so far:

  • Appreciating one of my lecturer's lovely made-for-radio-drama-stardom voice
  • Surviving an hour of my contracts lecture on 13% battery (wireless off, all applications closed and screen + keyboard brightness set to 0: it's possible)
  • Lovingly murdering sheets of bubblewrap left over from textbook delivery (Jekkle is the place to go)
  • Getting addicted to Community when I really should not be

All I can say for the blog is that I will have a to-do-list of posts, a backlog of semi-finished entries and a goal to be updating at least once a week (to be honest, it's hard to stop myself devoting more time to this blog than I should).

In the meantime, find me embarrassingly addicted to Line Play under 'Lae', where I will be dutifully cleaning random strangers' houses for gems and updating my house with a new piece of adorable pixel furniture roughly every 2 days (seriously, how do the well-furnished players do it? I'm barely making minimum wage here)

If you are a kind, lovely reader who wants to make life easier for me, add my invite code (DG-7059-0500) or give me some hearts~ I will return the hearts whenever I can

If that's not quite your thing, my Tumblr is still managing to mysteriously keep up a regular update schedule...and do not go down the addictive hole that is Reddit

Some left over snaps from summer:

Karaoke at Wagaya: some Aziatix love and reliving the days of watching 1 Litre of Tears by singing Only Human. 1LOT was my first self-chosen J-drama at 13 years old and possibly the worst drama to start off watching (everything was pain). I survived. And highly recommend it. 

In other news, a Sydney Karaoke post will be in the works soon.

Hang-gliding adventures in NSW's Royal National Park (or, rather, witnessing hang-gliding adventures). It was amazing to see so many people in the air like that, but I'm saving up for sky-diving - all the leisurely gliding around looked far too tame for my tastes : P

To-Do-List (if you made it this far)

  • Tabemono
  • Toulouse-Lautrec post
  • Froyo post
  • Karaoke post
  • SS Manifesto