I am now an official convert of the 'go to an iconic tourist destination at an ungodly hour to get awesome photos' tourist habit, which is now filed next to 'find a hipster alternative segment of iconic attraction' and 'close down entire attraction just for you to do an awesome photoshoot there' (the dream). 

5AM on Charles Bridge was actually not as deserted of an experience as I imagined it would be. You have your handful of photographers already staking out a claim at the centre of the bridge with their tripods, morning-walk couples and still-tipsy revellers stumbling from last night's clubs who were prone to running (hands free) on the bridge walls, giving everyone a heart attack, and then holding an impromptu race across the bridge. In summer, you can afford to sleep in a bit more - the sun is shy to rise, and we didn't truly get any true light until about 6AM. 

As a bridge itself, Charles Bridge is one that is either best viewed from a distance or viewed in small details - the ponderous figures of the saints, tipped with gold, the truly obese pigeons wandering around who are spoiled on tourist generosity, and the fairytale storybook layers of domes, gothic spires and fantastical street lamps.  

I was lucky I turned and aimed my camera at the castle on the hill, and that we took the long way back to our apartment - there's your golden hour light.