This is a world where we survive in the skeletons of cities and listen in the dusk for voices in the silence. The sort of person we return to, when all we know has returned to dust. And in the dark, the scavengers come. 

There's no defined way to wear eslim's designs and that's what makes them striking. Looking at them is an exercise in deconstruction, of focusing on small details, textures and finishes, with details that are singularly unique. These are clothes that make a declarative statement but never imposes a singular view, only opens its arms and invites you to imagine a story. 

Photography and Styling: Christina @ Sketch and Run
Assistant: Lasath @ House of Cameo
Makeup: Cherry @ cherrycheungmakeup
Clothes: eslim (Instagram)
Model: Matilda @ Priscillas

This shoot was made of determination against the elements and time, a product of a bare-bones team that soldiered on through the blazing 32C heat with positivity and good cheer as I lived out my Star Wars influences and drooled over peeling paint and industrial shapes. Thanks to the whole team for sticking with all my ideas and running to me with my 'height chair'. And especially to Matilda, for simultaneously channeling elegance, power and vulnerability, and making it look effortless.