She holds onto hope for new beginnings in places that were once broken.  

Published by Fitzroy Magazine
Photography: Christina @ Sketch and Run
Stylist: Bianca Famarkis @ xxlil
Hair: Kellie Lopez (Instagram)
Makeup: Taylia Jordan (Instagram)
Model: Lizzie @ Priscillas

The good thing about online friendships is that they often start at the deep end, (because do you actually enjoy talking to the other person to actively reach out on a regular basis?) and work their way slowly towards the shallow (3 months in: wait, you have siblings? wait you also live in Australia?? - true story). That being said, many of our online dealings depend a great deal on faith -- faith that the person on the other end of the chat is who they say they are, faith that any personal information you share with someone won't be misused, faith that your faith in other people will be rewarded more often than it is not. 

When it comes to Time For Portfolio (TFP) shoots, you're also trusting entirely in the generosity of strangers to make your vision come to life and so I'm always grateful when a shoot actually ends up happening, and being fun to boot. I've been lowkey wanting to shoot with Lizzie for ages so special thank you for being a trooper and showing up despite feeling ill and to Talia and Kelly for trekking out from Wollongong. And huge thank you to Bianca and Helen too, for taking a chance on this project. 

The shoot is never quite what my moodboard envisions exactly, but that's also the fun of editorial shoots: being flexible and improvising when needed, to produce something that makes you happy at the end of it.