The magic of Instagram staggered posting can often keep illusions going for months but, alas, my work trip to Japan for I Ate My Way Through, with the JNTO, happened more than a month ago now. Since quite a few people asked me on Instagram during my trip, the purpose was to explore the Chugoku and Shikkoku regions of Japan, which meant a slower, more nature-filled style of travelling, unlike my previous trips, and then to write about it for IAMWT.  

We travelled to at least 7 different cities over the course of 5 days so we spent a lot of time on a coach during golden hour, driven by the most cheerful bus driver in the world. It's easy forget how mountainous Japan is when you're in the big cities but oh boy, I died every day looking at the blue misty mountains that seemed to be the backdrop everywhere we drove. You'll see me use the word idyllic a lot in my upcoming posts for IAMWT and, honestly, nothing encapsulated it better than the views outside my bus window over those five days.

Every once in awhile, you see a sight that makes visual art make sense and traditional Japanese screenprints of mountains became a reality when I saw blue misty mountains silhouetted against the reddest sunset I've ever seen. I did my best with my camera (well, phone camera because sometimes a sight can appear when you're totally unprepared to lift your DSLR) but the naked eye trumped anything the lens could capture, to be honest. 

The thing about creative projects is that you're often finishing them ages in advance and then, for various reasons, having to sit on them.

Hopefully I'll be able to share more soon.