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You may have noticed - perhaps if you look really closely - that I enjoy documenting things. A pretty big and somewhat embarrassing part of it is because my brain is quite merciless at discarding information. I will forget names very quickly, and while I may observe things in the moment, I will often very quickly forget details afterwards (what was he wearing? What did she say exactly?), retaining only the 'general feeling' of something. In short, I don't ever rely on my memory for something important because I know how often my brain betrays me. 

In many ways, a lot of travel photography is spurred by that same anxiety - the feeling that if you don't capture something straight away, it will disappear or otherwise be 'wasted' by time. It's what prompts people - myself included - to end up with 23 versions of the same basic photo from slightly varying camera angles and to raise your camera and snap at everything you see, 'just in case'. 

Cue everything that every opinionated 'TECHNOLOGY IS KILLING ALL THE GOOD THINGS' author has to say about superficiality and not 'living in the moment'. 

The answer, as you might expect, is a bit more complicated than either of these views. A lot of my personal travel and blogging goals for 2018 centre around paring back on the photos I take - to only keep the ones I will actually look back on, to keep the photos I'm genuinely happy with. 

And then you have experiences like the whirlpools of Naruto strait at sunset golden hour: the impossibly smooth water surface looking like the flat wet sand of a beach that drops down into swirling whirlpool water, the misty minimalism of islands in the distance in Japan's Inland Sea, the whirlpools themselves, mesmerising, and the sunlight gleaming off the silken waves as the ferry charged back towards the dock at the end. Sometimes, you gotta just snap every single photo and video you can get, and it still won't capture the experience. But it's the closest you can get, until you go there yourself (note I say 'until' and not 'if' because this is a bucket list item). 

My memory might be bad, but I won't forget this in a hurry.