There are no do-overs in wedding photography and, to a perfectionist like me, this was the sort of situation that immediately prompted a bunch of anxious list-making and nerves. Did I need to rent a second camera and a 85mm? How many spare batteries did I need to buy? What if I don't get golden hour? Oh god, what if it rains? 

Well, it did rain. Torrentially, in fact. Halfway through all the important portraits though, thankfully, not during the ceremony. If you have a bridal party as game as Trillian and Liam's, you burst out in song and soldier on modelling with good cheer. 

And that's the photographer's lesson for the day, I suppose: that good things, unforgettable memories and much growth can still come from adverse conditions, as long as you trust in yourself, problem solve together (thanks KP!) and keep your spirits up. The sun may still keep shining through the rain and, eventually, the rain will stop. That, and always pack an extra dry shirt.

On our drive back and debriefing the day, KP turned to me and said, 'You know, they're basically my dream clients. You're lucky they're your first.' I really was. 

Thank you to Trillian and Liam for entrusting me with your special day. Here's to firsts, and lasts and forever beyond that. 

Photography: Christina G @ Sketch & Run (Instagram)
Second shooter: Killian P @ fluffpiece (Instagram)