I've always believed in the way editing photos allows you to relive the trip so this is the time to say goodbye for real. Real life and blog matters has resulted in this Europe blog going for a grand total of almost 9 months, which makes this final post the bawling, cranky baby, I suppose. 


Some people go to a place and come back with only a couple of shots; others (yours truly) fill up memory card upon memory card. I've always subscribed to the idea that when you're practising your craft, more is always better. Recently, I've been sifting through my very old travel raws and finding surprising 'diamonds in the rough' that I can polish with the better editing skills I've developed over the years. Granted, there are only one or two overlooked 'gems' among a huge number of awful photos, but it's an added bonus. 

That being said, I also believe that once you hit a certain point in your craft, it's time to start paring back the fluff and extra volume: get the shot, be satisfied, and move on. Something to keep in mind. 

Also something that will always drive me: there is nothing quite like the beauty of looking out an aeroplane window at the world of clouds, knowing you're going to be somewhere new. 

I leave you with my short, idyllic Croatia vlog (in which you can see my botheredness-to-take-photos level dropped exponentially) and two Airbnb accommodation recommendations. Wouldn't it be cool to get $50 off your next booking with my referral link? Yes, it would : D  

VIENNA - Ruth's Airbnb flat was gorgeous and I was so sad we could only stay a few nights after our stay at a standard hotel. Spacious and clean with great amenities, there is a supermarket right around the corner and a tram stop within 1 minute away, a couple of stops from Schwedenplatz, one of the 'central' stations in the area. There was a whole bunch of quirky vintage and boutique stores along the way but we sadly didn't have time to explore. 

PRAGUE - Palace Dlouha was perfect in every way EXCEPT for the fact that it didn't have air conditioning. European apartments are designed for cold weather so it was difficult to sleep on a hot 30C+ night, even with the fans at full blast. Other than that, the apartment was new, clean and tastefully furnished, the hosts arranged for someone to greet us and show us the ropes, and the location is simply to die for - two renowned eateries right downstairs and a 10min walk to Charles Bridge. How else did I get the 5AM shots? Get ON this place.  

Until the next flight ( :