As summer and blissful study-free days have ended violently with thunderstorms and non-stop pouring rain, I always struggle to keep creating instead of consuming -- the latter is so easy when you're mentally and emotionally exhausted from work, study and life; a TV marathon here and brunch there and the weekend is over. That being said, the reward of creating something is really quite special - and partly why I started this blog. 

I spent this summer getting introduced to this concept of 'photoshoot hangouts', with the mildly bewildered surprise of 'people just...do that? Bring some clothes, travel somewhere interesting and take photos of each other??' Previous portraits of my more camera-shy friends were either snuck in as a side note to social hangouts, or were exhaustive editorial affairs with a ton of pre-production stress. And Photosoc, of course, on our annual retreats. But regularly, just within Sydney, almost randomly? Yes, there are people who do that too, and Instagram can be used to build a community of friends.

Find people who share your passions. It makes such a difference. 

Portrait sessions are always quite revelatory affairs, about both the photographer and subject. There are some who spend a good 5min to take a single shot, and others who exhaust their memory cards, models who utterly transform in front of the camera and others who are just natural all the time. If I've learnt anything from my past editorial shoots, I am a runs-on-adrenaline photographer who babbles her way through a shoot, shouting a bossy and constant stream of direction ('STAY RIGHT THERE. Okay move to your right half a step, no back, aaand yep, one more--').

So thanks everyone who's ever put up with me behind the lens (and if you want to be subjected to it, hit me up on Instagram FYI). And a even larger thank you and incredulous applause to anyone who's ever asked me to model. Don't know what possessed you to do so, really.