In the unforgiving geometry of this world, solace is the wind in your hair and the promise of softness that exists between sharp angles

There's nothing quite like pleats and the way they call attention to themselves as a texture, with the light playing off the careful creases and folds My first instinct seeing Tash's pleats for the first time was to think of mermaids, and the shine of scales under the ocean. The elegance and symmetry of the impeccable lines, however, just as readily to invoke wind spirits, enhanced by the delicate whimsical transparency contributed by Lily's designs. Here's to flying.

Published by Lucy Magazine here
Photography: Christina @ Sketch and Run
Stylist: Lily Xu @ xxlil
Hair: Leslie (Instagram)
Clothes: Natasha Chiew (Instagram) and Lily Xu (Instagram)
Model: Jade @ Viviens

Every single shoot is a new learning lesson and this shoot's key takeaway was an empathic one: the weather doesn't care about what you want. It really doesn't care. And maybe don't shoot outdoors. Having been treated to glorious golden hour sunsets the entire summer week leading up to this shoot, I took for granted that the light would add the necessary final ingredient to an extremely minimalist shoot, in hindsight. Enter: 2PM call time, makeup and hair underway and a sudden gust of wind that did a 180 on the weather in a mere 30 minutes. Suddenly, I was facing an afternoon of shooting in cold, windy conditions with the occasional spot of rain and - more horrifyingly - in dull, flat, grey light. Given it was Jade's very first photoshoot, she held up brilliantly under all conditions.  

I have to thank my team for being brilliant and patient with me. This was definitely a shoot that pushed me, both during the process and during editing -- but as I always maintain, honest feedback and critique is the best way to grow.