There's nothing subtle about the Versace brand - not the packaging for its new Eros Pour Femme or the opulence of the Palazzo Versace inspired by the brand, and literally branded. Everywhere. Everywhere (bottom of water glasses? Yes).  

Everything is bold, striking and unapologetic, and that's the spirit I tried to capture in my two day Gold Coast photography sojourn with some of the MaxConnector ladies. Half the time was spent bossing them into various portrait positions (while eating) and doing my usual too-much-direction-adrenaline-babble (like so) and the other half spent live-editing on my laptop in the chandelier-filled lounge area, with sunlight reflecting off the pool outside. Really, a girl could get used to this (and the awesome spa in her room). 

Shooting about ten different 'portrait sessions' in a little over 12hrs while occasionally forgetting to eat or drink -- though all my lovely portrait subjects + Jess ensured I was properly nourished -- only affirmed why I love shooting portraits. It's the challenge of, in a short time, find the right light (so important) and then finding some sort of truth in an almost-stranger's gaze, finding a candid moment, or understanding what they want to portray and capturing it in a way that makes them smile or say 'Yes', or even gasp. Non-exploitative photography, one that has been approved whole-heartedly by the subject, is always my goal. 

I hope I managed to do a bit of that ( :

Pictured above: Sammy, Michelle, Rachael, Karima and Holly