When I think back to how I met Cyn, we embodied all the trust and blind enthusiasm of young teenagers in the mid 2000s, when internet communities were just beginning to thrive, MSN messenger was the hot place to be and everyone still used screen names (cue existential meltdown when Facebook demanded your last name - even today, I still default to my online pseudonyms if I have a choice). In hindsight, there was so much that could have gone wrong from agreeing to meet with a stranger at your local bus stop, even if it was a public space. But like I maintain: talking to strangers online was the best decision I ever made, and continues to be the case, across too many communities to count by now. 

What I was blessed with was a de-facto older sister, someone who was barely older than I was who nevertheless took me under her wing and often seemed the sole voice of reason and patient understanding in the storm of my teenage angst (and occasional current "adult" angst).

So it was truly an honour to be entrusted with the task of shooting her engagement photos. Cyn and Cam first met at an event run by the Japanese Society at their university. My friendship with Cyn over the years was also heavily occupied by shared love for anime, Jpop boybands and Japanese language study, so it was fitting to celebrate their love in a backdrop of sakura, right during hanami season at the Auburn Cherry Blossom Festival. 

I've always loved capturing the candid moments, the moments between poses, the radiance of a genuine laugh, which Cyn and Cam possess in spades. Despite the crowds interrupting every few seconds and the dustiness (and many many stupid-face outtakes that left us laughing too hard to take proper photos), I'm glad we found some spaces for those moments. Huge thanks to Jace for being chief bubble-blower and shooting assistant.

Congrats to Cyn and Cam, I wish you both all the happiness in the world <3

(I'm also going to take this moment to recommend listening to Sashiya Fumida's Hana ni Nare and accompanying performance by reigning Olympic champion Yuzuru Hanyu because anyone who knows me will know I've been on a shameless figure skating kick for the past half year and have many feelings, especially about the coming Winter Olympic season)