You can feel immediately how the energy of New York cam pull you into its slipstream of bright-lighted, tourist-flooded looming building-ed chaos, but that's half the draw. New York also happened to boast the dodgiest Airbnb I’ve ever stayed in, which was in a windowless room in New Jersey with a family of about 8 Mexican children living upstairs, judging by the sounds at 6AM in the morning, which meant I was determined to stay out as much as possible.

Five days was not nearly enough to even scratch the surface of the city, but I can't really say I was idle about it. A whirlwind handful of hours inside MoMA and ogling at the art, Gossip-Girl-ing on the Met steps, an afternoon wandering Central Park, watching a ring of performance artists on all fours howling like wolves in Times Square (yes, really), tears of laughter at The Book of Mormon, a wander in the unusually low and open space of the One World Centre, a walking tour along The High Line and a walk across Brooklyn Bridge, and I had my tourist bingo speedrun of NYC locked away.

The rest was about the photography, capturing what I could and what I loved about the museum space, hanging out with friends, the Art of the fire escape and animal models in the park. And wandering, and the people (more on that to come).

Ironic for a city where it feels like everything is happening but honestly, I can’t really think of what else to say about New York. It robs you a little of words with how full on it is, and beckons to be revisited, properly this time. And the next. And the next.