review: booklaeComment


review: booklaeComment

I finished it in the last days of my semester holiday and wrote most of this right after. A resounding HOLY SHIT full of random Tumblr-influenced slang, walls of text (and I mean walls) and minimal coherency.

+ spoilers! (obviously...) ALSO: predictions!

  • Jon! I did not expect to care much for Jon Snow because idk...I've just never been that drawn to his narrative. But THANKS GRRM for stomping on my kokoro because he worked so hard and so earnestly for everything - his story is a slow one built up over so much suffering and betrayals and 'kill the boy inside' sort of killed me because it's so true. And the march of the wildlings into the Wall and all these glimpses of hope at their cooperation, then suddenly the proverbial rug is ripped from under his feet because EVERYTHING FAILS and nothing is certain again. I really don't want to think someone as disgusting as Ramsey Bolton could defeat all the things but ASOIAF has taught me, and so many people, that life is gritty and corrupt and unfair. Though, from a meta point of view, GRRM would lose three major POV lines if he killed Stannis/Theon/Asha off so I'm more willing to believe they're all taken captive and it'll be another long journey to escape from the Boltons' clutches. Jon's story almost parallels Quentyn's because he was focusing so hard on his proverbial Viserion that he forgot Rhaegal at his back. Cries. And I am very haunted by how he distanced himself from Ghost and the lack of Ghost at the scene (he made Ghost stay behind in his room, right?). GDI STOP COPYING ROBB haven't you all learnt you do not reject your spirit animal sigils? Same goes for Dany laksfjas Nothing ever goes right when you do that =_=

  • Holy shit Reek. A MILLION FEELS. What Theon did was horrifying but the chapters were just downright disturbing. The incessant rhyme, the running theme of remembering your name, the ramblings of a mad and broken man. I really hope he survived with Jeyne
  • LOL QUENTYN MARTELL I don't even know how to feel about you except it was such a waste, wasn't it? After all that epicosity from AFFC and Doran's reveal, the readers are plunged right back into disillusionment because not everyone can be heroes and not everyone can be epic, but he was like...the last hope of Dorne or something and he's dead ):

  • Tyrion. I was not expecting his story to stray so far from his original objective (Dany almost saw him! Almost) ...and again it's just no one ever ends up where they originally intended to set out. I'm impressed he managed to talk his way into the Second Brothers but I'm not sure where the narrative will be taking him?
  • Arya. Oh Arya...the part about changing skins was gross and terrifying and it's terrible to see the sort of mandate she's following now - she has no heart, it's a hole inside her, she murders without questioning and judging. The Faceless Men are kind of like...sneakier Unsullied in that sense. Not sure how she's going to go back to Westeros or what role she'll play in the wider narrative ughhh I just hope she'll get to see at least one of her siblings again...

  • I'm legit excited to see what Sansa's doing in the Vale because you can tell she's growing up and becoming really good at playing the game and I just don't know how all the storylines will converge. I really hope she becomes a bamf Game of Thrones player under Littlefinger's (creepy) tutelage and be a match for Margeary, but that hardly seems to matter with the Others coming...
  • Cersei's march alsfkjsaln I don't know why I thought she would complete the march with her head held high because NOTHING EVER GOOD COMES FROM HOPE, but the moment she broke and started crying was utterly miserable. I hate how her gender was held against her and the implication that she will never be able to take control again because she's a woman who's exposed herself to the crowd. That parading her naked - with all that emphasis on the imperfections of her body - was one of the most degrading things they could have done. If she stood strong against that, I would have loved her courage (despite the fact she has done terrible things) but she broke under the scrutiny and it's just sadfacing from here. I have hopes that she'll come out of this alive and that she'll rise again because I really hope at least one of the strong, powerful female characters presented at the start of the series won't meet a gruesome and terrible ending (not counting, say, Sansa and Arya who became strong). I'm also baffled by Ser Robert (and at the irony of his name. IS IT ACTUALLY ROBERT'S SHADE OR SOMETHING? IDK wildly theorising). He reminds me of that knight who led Bran and the Reeds to the Children of the Forest

  • DANYYY how will she get out of this mess aslfkjas I predict she'll somehow get Khal Jhaqo on her side and return with a huge khalasar and Drogon, but that seems rather naively idealistic (and it's not like Khal Jhaqo harbours any goodwill towards her either...MAYBE SHE WILL BURN HIS FACE OFF o:). I'm buying into the 'three heads has the dragon' theory, so I guess she'll be one of the heads?
  • Victarion GTFO I don't like him at all
  • VARYS oh my god I'm not sure how to feel about Aegon because he's so perfect and I've learnt about what GRRM does with seemingly perfect characters, but then again this is Varys and if he's supporting Aegon for the realm and the children then... would be a perfect time to prove even Varys is fallible...? So many people are claiming Aegon is a pretender - maybe the Aegon we see is a pretender and Varys knows where the real Aegon is? Hmmm

bb starks remember that one time you were all happy ;___;

Just trawled the Mark Reads comment section for ADWD and found this comment by Woot. Not sure how accurate or legit this is, but it does raise a few interesting theories and (?!!!!!) moments

Did you know that:

- Abel is Mance Rayder? Who's Abel lmao...reading comprehension...I must have missed it

- Wyman Manderley killed Freys and then served them as Frey pie? He even drunkenly jokes about the Rat Cook. That just reminds me of the Greek myth of Atreus and Thyestes. I wasn't awful lot of attention to the Manderly chapters so no I didn't know that and I could have lived without knowing that D:

- Bran sees Old Nan kissing Duncan the Tall when they were young? ORLY? There were a lot of interesting things in Bran's vision that I will need to reread.

- In Melisandre's visions, a man becomes a wolf becomes a man? And Jon never did feel that fourth stab. All things point to Jon being Azor Azhai at the moment. He can't be dead ;_;

- Rickon is on Skaagos? NO? Where did that come from and what is he doing?! Poor, forgotten bb!Stark who will probably rise out of some barn and be like I AM KING OF THE NORTH once GRRM kills everyone else T__T

- Jon Snow is probably Rhaegar's son with Lyanna? Buying into that theory tbh. Which means GRRM is probably going to be like LOL JOKES I HAVE FOOLED YOU ALL. Maybe he originally planned for R + L = J but he saw all the fan theories were accurate and decided to change direction just to spite us.

- Seeing Eddard was shocking, wasn't it? Yes. Yes it was T____T

- There's a huge chance Aegon Targaryen is a fake? (Recall the visions Dany sees in the House of the Undying. Do you remember the "Mummer's Dragon"?) LOL I don't remember the visions but...Varys believes in it's all part of the plan or he's fooled Varys

- Arya is being trained to be a Faceless Man? Yes...terrifying tbh. She's...twelve. More accurately, a Faceless Woman.

- Arya figures out who's hitting her by warging into a cat? No, I didn't know that o_O brb rereading...

- Tyrion kills Nurse by feeding him the poison mushrooms he found at Ilyrio's house?...nope. Really? O___O

- Jon Connigton is probably gay? (The poor man.) Yeah, I guessed when he was all 'trying to win Rhaegor's love'

- Dany's womb may tick again? The prophecy has been fulfilled, after all. The Dothraki sea is drying, etc. I'm guessing so. I keep seeing comments with evidence about the prophecy being fulfilled. Who will she have children with though?

- Ser Robert Strong is a Frankenstein's monster of Qyburn's many victims? THIS KIND OF MAKES SENSE; THAT IS TERRIFYING. I still don't know if Qyburn and Taena have some more betrayal stored up their sleeves. Well...this is ASOIAF so probably.

- 294 named characters have died in the series so far? Nope but I'm not surprised

- Hodor eats a Night's Watch member? ...what

- Bran is becoming a god? Exciteddd. Though...I'm just picturing him stuck in a tree...

Someone made a Tumblr edit that made me think...what if Jaime becomes the valonquer? For MASSIVE ANGST VALUE.

So now I have taken my place amongst the crowd of ASOIAF fans waiting for the next installment, which will hopefully come soon...  (you may say 'oh sweet summer child' to me now)