"People tend to underestimate the value of works created in the online space."


It takes a special book to pass my personal 'fanart test' (which is essentially the idea that if I'm making fanart for something, I've enjoyed it a lot). It takes an even more special one to make me attend a fan event by myself, hoping only that mutual enthusiasm will overcome my usual introversion.

How to describe Captive Prince. This is a great review, as is this and this and most of the sentiments in my own, earliest review still apply.

Very few books can trigger the 'create things!' part of my brain as much as CP did. While I've never been the type to push a book onto anyone, no matter how much I love it myself, I think - beyond all labels - CP is simply a good book: intriguing plot, engaging characters and quiet subversion of preconceptions and expectations. Give it a go, trust it will deliver and it just might, for you.

I really challenged myself with this art, mostly because it's so rare to actually be able to meet content creators you love in Sydney so I wanted to make something good ;; The themes of contrast, connection and parallels between Laurent and Damen were foremost on my mind when making this piece.

It was so good to finally meet Cat - she was so friendly and enthusiastic and it was touching to see her so touched by things that we - as her fans - did or said since it really should be the other way around. One of the things I love the most about CP is her writing style, which is simple but elegant; intelligent without being alienating, and I felt similarly through talking to her.

Talking to the lovely staff from Penguin, it was clear there was a lot of support for the series (with its tavern-like vibe and food, The Old Growler was also an awesome venue).


I met a lot of incredible people too, and have thank SQ and Ro, who welcomed a total stranger to their table with incredible kindness and especially SQ, who generously gave me the cuff she won as a door prize, probably because she saw how embarrassingly fangirl-y I was (I literally never win any lucky dip prizes but clearly lucked out at meeting amazing people). She set in motion some ~*cosmic force of destiny*~ because not only did Fi - the winner of the other cuff - happen to also be a Captive-Prince-in-LJ-days reader and a DBSK fan, we also live in the same suburb in Sydney (!!)

Here's a really cool omnibus (?) edition of both books, which I was close to casually making off with.

But I'm probably preaching to the choir about CP. Onto what you're actually here for. Spoilers, obviously!

Friendly reminder that the actual recording will be available when Penguin's official video comes out. I didn't record the segment - these are just notes I wrote myself from what I remembered (if this isn't allowed, then I'll take it down). Copy the text below into rot13 to decode. You're welcome to comment on the chapter here but please use rot13 to keep things spoiler free!

Book 3 Chapter 1 Summary Puncgre 1 bs Obbx 3 xvpxf bss sebz jurer Obbx 2 yrsg bss - gur Nxvryba nezl vf xarryvat orsber Qnzra naq gur juvfcref bs 'Qnzvnabf' ner orvat pneevrq guebhtu gur ragver nezl. Ubjrire, gur zbbq gheaf vagb bhgentr naq srne bapr gur Irergvnaf tngurerq nebhaq gur pbheglneq ortva gb urne Qnzra'f erny anzr naq ivbyrapr vf ortvaavat gb oevfgyr nzbatfg gur Irergvnaf naq Nxvrybaf. Qnzra ernyvfrf ur'f gbgnyyl haqrerfgvzngrq ubj natel gur Irergvnaf jbhyq or gb ernyvfr ur vf gur 'Cevapr-Xvyyre'. Gubhtu ur'f pnyyvat sbe pnyz/beqre, Qnzra ernyvfrf ur'f tbvat gb ybfr pbageby bs gur fvghngvba vs ur qbrfa'g npg fbba. Uvf bayl pubvpr vf gb gryy gur Nxvryba sbeprf gb 'gnxr gur sbeg' (vr. Enirary). Thlzne naq Wbeq ner oebhtug gb Qnzra haqre thneq naq Qnzra vafvfgf gung ur vf fgvyy urer gb svtug gbtrgure jvgu Ynherag naq gur Irergvnaf ohg Thlzne fcvgf va sebag bs Qnzra orsber orvat yrq njnl. Wbeq vf hafhecevfrq naq nfxf Qnzra jung ur'f tbvat gb qb jura Ynherag svaqf bhg. Qnzra rffragvnyyl fnlf, 'Gura jr'yy or snpvat rnpu bgure sbe gur svefg gvzr'.

Other fun facts gleaned from the evening

  • Damen's natural eyebrow game is superon point (general authorial consensus that he's the type to just roll out of bed and look amazing)
  • The first comment on Captive Prince ever was 'Oh, interesting'
  • Cat was 'outed' as the author of Captive Prince during a uni lecture by another student sitting behind her
  • Battle undies
  • We find out what happens to Laurent's mother in Book 3. And also what Laurent's hair looks like
  • Whether or not/how Laurent wore the dress in Nesson-Eloy may or may not have relevance in Book 3
  • Keep an eagle eye on Govart

Given the extent of public reception to 'fanfiction turned mainstream published work', the increasing media narratives on 'active fans' and the growing commercialisation of content that was traditionally nurtured within a fandom-based space, I can only hope that Captive Prince will follow its predecessors' success. It certainly deserves to.