Day 3 and 4: green everywhere.

The only real, structured 'activity' we planned for the week was horse riding at Valery Trails. The horses were lovely and our trail ride guides were friendly and attentive. Shout-out to my horse Dazzle, who was very responsive and spirited.
The ride itself was a relaxing 2 hour tour through the Australian bushland. Single file and mostly a walk, because most of our group were inexperienced horse riders. There were opportunities to trot and Dazzle seemed super excited every time, but some of the horses before us refused to go faster and she didn't seem to want to overtake them, so we kept having to stop. Next time, I'd love to go at a faster pace.
Wear long pants, because you may get whacked with a plant or vine here and there.
Cute, hyperactive dog at Valery Trails who flopped down to pose when I pointed my camera at him/her.

Otherwise, it was the eight of us, one car and lots of exploring. Passing the Big Banana on our way to one of the many lookouts over Coffs Harbour, stunning views all around, bushwalking to Crystal Shower Falls and frightening L by pointing out the drop bears moving through the canopies.

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