It's become a bit of a family tradition to become voracious tennis fans during Aus Open season, a habit begun just as I was starting middle school in 2006, staring starry-eyed at Mr Federer as he defeated Baghdatis, seemingly invincible in his grace.

Curious, then, we have never made the summer pilgrimmage down - mostly because none in our family are particularly great with crowds, especially if you add heat into the mixture - I'm not sure I want to be there when Melbourne challenges the straight 40C+ week record next summer.

Between Li Na finally winning (to the delight of all relatives who have no idea what tennis is - hashtag, chinapride) and #Stanimal this year, that Wawrinka-Djokovic quarter final and the rollercoaster of emotion during the Stan-Rafa final ensures I'll be tuning in next year too (this time, with The Changeover commentary). Check my Twitter feed. Actually, don't.

I didn't even manage to keep my resolution of drawing the winner of each Aus Open - the Stan and Rafa WIPs sit in my folder, waiting to be unearthed when I feel up to it. Which will be next year, I'm pretty sure (sorry).

But hey - I consider taking a step outside the deserted Rod Laver arena in the middle of the day a good starting point, even if it's a month late. It's easy to forget it's a concert arena like any other, used for purposes other than hitting a tennis ball over the net 11/12 months in the year - but signs of tennis' influence is everywhere, even if I had to look at them through the glass.

We'll aim for January 2015.

Gotta see the GOATs in action while we still can, after all.