Arisun is a perfect place for a group lunch, if you feel like throwing any diet out the window and indulging in some relatively cheap, Korean-Chinese comfort food. Tasty comfort food. I arrived awkwardly late and they'd already ordered (and no one seemed to want salad so...) so we had a pretty limited range of food, but it was definitely a satisfying meal.

  • Arisun's KFC (Korean Fried Chicken) in three flavours: Soy, original and hot sauce. Cooked very well and straight out of the frying pan - crispy outside and full of flavour. There was an assortment of cuts - we found chicken wings and there were bits with bone inside but it was easy to eat.
  • Waiting time was around 15 minutes (according to friends) but it's worth it because the food is cooked fresh
  • Jajangmyeon. You cut the noodles with scissors and mixed! The sauce was full of flavour and it was very filling
  • The pickled radish cubes were a standout accompaniment to the chicken. It offered a much-needed burst of refreshing sweet-and-sourness to break up the heaviness of the fried foods
  • Kimchi included, but I'm very bad with spicy foods so I didn't really eat much
  • Coca-cola we ordered was topped with crushed ice, so it ended up more like slushies than actual drinks. Is it sad we thought that was pretty novel? (yes, it is)

Three bowls of KFC and three bowls of jajangmyeon comfortably fed 11 of us. We went on Sunday midday and the place was very quiet (perfect, because we were pretty loud). The limited number of waitresses in the huge restaurant meant we had to go up to the counter to ask for tissues or wait a bit before the waitresses were in our area, but it wasn't too bad.

Would definitely recommend visiting the place for the fried chicken alone, but I'm eager to sample more dishes on their menu c:

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