[cycloneslider id="assorthair"] Considering so many new hair technologies come from Japan, I wanted to splurge a little to get my hair cut in Japan this time to see if there is much of a difference, even though I have found my go-to salon in Sydney (review to come when I go back). Admittedly, the best test of a hair salon's skill is not to go there and get your usual trim. For people wanting to dye their hair or get a perm, I'd definitely recommend going to a Japanese hair salon to really reap the benefits of their technology and skill.


Assort boasts quite a bit of an international reputation so we decided to go and see what the hype is about. A spacious, clean hair salon with cute little details is always a plus. It's usually a good idea to book first but since we didn't have a Japanese phone, we could only try our luck. Fortunately, it was pretty empty on a Tuesday morning. Our hairdresser was Mikiさん and both of them spoke extremely good English. Judging by the clientele, this place was popular with foreigners.

Good news for long-haired customers - the cut price doesn't change! Assort also has a special promotion for first time customers: you get a hair treatment and also 1050Y off your final price. The colour/perm prices are on top of the cut price though, if you want to do both so just be aware of that.

Since I only go to the hairdresser about once every six months, I had a whole bunch of split ends that was made worse by a combination of having recently dyed it, winter and a scarf + camera strap creating massive knots at the back of my head every day while travelling.

While started with the hair wash and treatment first but Mikiさん took extra time to talk with C about what she wanted to do with hers. There were a ton of Japanese hairstyling magazines to look through for references too.

assort salon, assort, aoyama, hair salon

Seikoさん was very thorough and gentle with my hair - the Sparkling hair treatment involved shooting a special kind of water into the scalp that created a tingly, bubbling sensation. Apparently it works by cleaning your scalp very thoroughly. My hair definitely felt a lot smoother and silkier afterwards.

Everyone at the salon is very friendly (not to mention very pretty and fashionable!) and definitely makes you feel comfortable about leaving your locks in their hands.

I always ask hairstylists to curl my hair after a haircut mostly because I can never be bothered to do so myself, even though I like the look, and I think Seiko-san did a good job - really loose curls with minimal product. Unfortunately, they didn't last so well in the rain (my go-to salon in Sydney still - admittedly - does the best, long-lasting curls because they do so with a hairdryer and it holds up for days) but the silky salon feeling did last several days, which is a godsend when you're tired from travelling.

assort salon, assort, aoyama, hair salon

assort salon, assort, aoyama, hair salon

Nothing quite like the feeling to running a hand through your hair and not finding snags and split ends everywhere. Upon knowing we were foreigners, they wanted to take a Polaroid with us to mount on their cute little wall of travellers and showed us out with courtesy and care.

Mikiさん and Seikoさん, ありがとうございました~

assort salon, assort, aoyama, hair salon