Product review of brave store on Storenvy. Finally got the entire order today~ \(*´▽`*)/

I was following brave on Tumblr when she opened the store. Randomly, I remember being the 5th person to 'Like' the store on Facebook (/puts on hipster glasses). It's really great to see that it's doing well.

The store layout is lovely and simple. Her tastes are really similar to mine, so that's probably part of why I really love many of the items in the store. 

The prices, also, aren't unreasonable, particularly if you live in Australia and can finally get something with relatively 'normal' shipping rates ; A ;

I ordered during the 'buy 2 stockings and get 1 free sale' in December last year:

The only setbacks are that shipping takes a comparatively long time (15 - 25 days) and the orders don't necessarily arrive as a whole package.   

Unfortunately, the 'long shipping' setback was extreme for me, due to bad luck. The entire process of ordering and products arriving took almost 2 months to 100% complete because:

  1. 75% of my original order was lost in the mail so they had to resend
  2. There was a mix-up with the stocking type when I received my resent package so they resent one of the stockings

brave responded quickly to my messages on Tumblr about these issues and was very willing to make things right, which I really appreciated.

The spiked headband is super cute and good quality. The leather has good stitching and a metal band is glued to the inside that will probably make it last longer.

It's weird...I think I may have been sent a smaller version of Cat Stocking #1 than advertised? The package says it fits 150-165cm whereas the Storenvy page says 140-175cm. I'm around 161cm and the stockings just fit (after a lot of careful stretching). The hue is slightly paler (more yellow) and lighter than the other pair.

The other pair (Cat Stocking #2) is 150-178cm (on the package) and fits very can see the difference in length when they're laid out.

Not sure if my stockings were an to double check when ordering if you're tall.

I'm really hoping that any subsequent orders will be a little more successful on the shipping front, but I'm continuing to eye several other items in the store and appreciate the considerate customer service, so watch this space.