Second order from Brave store at Storenvy and 3/40 items on my 'wanted list' crossed off hehe~

The owner (Jane?) appears to have inexplicably disappeared from Tumblr though, because the current brave Tumblr account doesn't look like her style... ETA: Jane messaged me on Tumblr saying that her account had been hacked D: She's now belt on Tumblr ♡

The items were ordered and shipped on 28 June 2013. The tights arrived on 15 July and the hat came on 22 July, which is in the average shipping range (yay! Unlike last time...).

I've been coveting these stripe suspender stockings ever since Brave store was created, I'm not going to lie. The tights are comfortable and the material is really elastic and feels quite durable, which is great. I love the super distinctive stripes and it's great to have thigh high stockings you don't have to keep pulling up.

The cat beanie is made with a woollen fabric and is comfortable to wear, though it does sit rather high on your head. The elasticity is great - no chance of the beanie sliding off, though repeated wears will help the fabric stretch a bit to fit your head.

The ears are not really cat-like (I've gotten 'bunny ears!' more than cat) and they stick up without any assistance. It makes you instantly stand out from the crowd (: The flap with the vertical pleats can be folded up or down however much you like.