We headed to Brighton to begin our last day in Melbourne, thankfully in lowered temperatures but great sunshine.

I have to say that Sydney's beach culture definitely trumps Melbourne's - there's simply more of it - more sand, more water, more beach. It doesn't make a huge amount of difference to me because water is one of the elements I have the least affinity with (mostly the 'after beach' process rather than the beach itself) - but I'm now reconsidering the appeal of our sweeping harbour and crashing waves. There's a reason why Sydney Tourism is so heavily centered around Bondi, after all.

But say what you will, Melbourne still manages to do something lovely with the small stretches of sand and surf they do have - Brighton's famous beach houses were a wonderful, photogenic highlight of our last beach-themed day in Melbourne.

There were some very tasteful designs scattered around, which were a joy to look at (the Hokusai wave on one door was a personal favourite).


We went up to St Kilda next - not as open and huge as Bondi, but still possessing that unmistakeable 'beach town' vibe, full of bright fish and chips shops, bakeries, Melbourne's own super creepy Luna Park and Monarch bakery's famous chocolate kooglhoupf (so decadent, chewy and delicious).

One more post with the Melbourne classics scheduled to be up at Images from Nowhere but this essentially concludes my Melbourne 2014 trip and my travel recaps for this exceptionally suitcase-happy summer. I know it ended up being almost a 6 month retrospective, between this and Japan, but I hope it was enjoyable to read, all the same (in truth, it was a bit of a crutch because semester's been so busy).

Next time, I'll definitely look into live-blogging while travelling.