Carry on, luggage, MUJI, canon, moleskine, iPod, travel, travel essentials Four Asian cities await, along with three different currencies, winter weather and a whole lot of excitement.

I am going to attempt something very daring and try to blog while I'm overseas this time and hopefully post frequent snapshots on Instagram. Partly because I will be away for almost two months (one month doing a media internship in Beijing) and partly because I like setting myself challenges, including making short videos of my trip (watch this space). I'm not sure if all this will be possible or if I'll just be collapsing in our Airbnb stays right after coming home each night but rest assured, the posts will come.

Drawing the usual suspects in my carry-on luggage: sketchbook, travel diary, camera, phone... though my poor iPod is spluttering in its old age and it's getting harder to make the earphone jack work.

Seoul Temperatures

First stop is Seoul, where I will be casually butchering the Korean language, feeling like a really old Kpop fan and where the weather is looking like this, right now (꒪⌓꒪;)

I am hardly a frequent flier but here are some quick tips to maximise comfort for long-haul flights (a staple of living in Australia):

  • Neck pillows are you absolute best friends, along with an eyemask to block out light. You might be surprised at how well you sleep
  • Moisturisers, facemasks and lip balms are also your best friends
  • Bring your own empty water bottle and ask airline staff to refill it for the flight. Drink regularly
  • Dress warmly in layers that you can take off and avoid airline blankets if possible
  • Give up on the makeup. If you absolutely must, take a BB cream and eyeliner at most and put it on before you land

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Send me good vibes for the flight and I'll see you all on the other side ╰(・◡・╰)