cat cafe, cafe, cat, decor, cat, hongdae It's a quiet, slow kind of atmosphere in the cat cafe, completely at odds with how you might expect a room of 21 cats to be like. Perhaps it was because we arrived nearer to closing time but it's very much a place to converse with friends or a significant other over a hot drink, absently stroking a sleeping cat in your lap, rather than making the cats the highlight of your visit. Unless you're a photographer.


Something to be wary about when planning your itinerary in Seoul is the ridiculously high shop turnover rate, particularly smaller ones. You may very well find, after battling your way with a map, that the shop you spent so long looking for has closed down - and such was our luck that we were stung multiple times by this problem. We stumbled upon Godabang in Hongdae mostly because Tom's Cat Cafe on our itinerary - which had been featured on a blog in January 2014 - had mysteriously disappeared.

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cat cafe, cat, seoul, cafe, hongdae, korea, travel, sketch and run

[/one_half][one_half_last padding="20px 0 0 30px"]Having never been to a cat cafe and having never owned a cat myself, I don't have the expertise to determine whether a cat cafe is 'good' or 'bad' for the cat. However, small details reveal the amount of care gone into the place and towards the wellbeing of its cats. This cafe was pleasantly and colourfully furnished, with homemade signs and awesome charging stations for your electronics (and cute cat faces drawn on your drinks - I recommend the caramel macchiato).

There were high places for cats to sleep without being disturbed and various boxes, benches and shelves for them to all curl up in. The cats looked clean and were quite affectionate with the owners, though tended to be a little aloof with guests, though they were fine about being petted (abandon all fantasies about being covered in snuggly cats unless you smuggle catnip inside or something). One eventually climbed into my lap and sort of fell asleep though, so there's that?[/one_half_last]

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I have to make special mention of these two cats, who were involved in the most hilarious exchange. It basically went as you see in this series of (rather poorly framed) photos except the staring contest after the nip went on for ages and the stripey cat had the most indignant 'what? you got a problem bro?' expression on his face the whole time.