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Chanoma (茶の間) & Tenkomori Ramen House (501 George St. Sydney, Regent Place) aka. the Regent Place mini food review~

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Regent Place is a quiet set of little alleyways housing a handful of small, Japan-inspired cafes and eateries, as well as other restaurants, boutiques and stores. There seem to be quite a few stores opening recently (Yebisu?) so I'm definitely going back with friends for that quick lunch and catch-up.
I watched the days tick down to Chanoma's opening, going to and from work over the summer. It was great to actually visit and try one of their products - properly this time, after my disastrous first visit (long story involving a train, a careless person walking through the aisles and a hot matcha latte)
The staff were friendly and you're given a little buzzer for every order.

My Matcha Float with a fairly generous helping of matcha ice-cream. The matcha flavour wasn't as strong as I was expecting - there was a very light bitterness but not enough for it to really slam that matcha taste in, so it ended up tasting more like a green-tea flavoured milkshake. It was still quite refreshing.

There was lots of serious discussion going on when I was drinking so forgive me for not paying too much attention to the taste. I may need to try one more time to give any definitive judgement.

I do think there was a bit too much ice (I had at least 1/3 of the cup when all the drink was gone).

My friend A's Teriyaki Chicken Dog. The green sauce is avocado and the mayo is wasabi flavoured, which sounds slightly intimidating to me (I'm not a wasabi fan). She seemed to give it a thumbs up, though, so I'm definitely going to give it a try.

And then to Tenkomori right opposite the Chanoma store, slightly later in the day...

The store was pretty much laid out like an open-air Hana Hana or Oiden, with some lovely vintage Japanese prints and deco. The environment really can't compare to a closed store, however, and the stools we were sitting on weren't particularly comfortable.

My simple karaage rice was $4.90 and involved lukewarm karaage, which seems to be a common failing of any store with self-service fried foods.

Unless you're at Menya Mappen and Oiden, or at a place with high demand, I don't particularly recommend picking fried foods (unless you catch the chef unloading a fresh batch just as you pass, in which case - GRAB IT!)

It was an average dish at best. I'm also not sure what sort of mayo it was because, as flavoursome as it was, it was oddly runny. Maybe I'll have better luck with their ramen next time.