An extra 'outtake' from all my Weekend Notes articles (one, two and three to come - keep an eye out) introducing my favourite Asian snacks to eat.

Some of these didn't get written about because I didn't have too much to say as a formal 'article', some because I didn't know the names in English and some because I simply didn't make a JPEG version of the image (let me sing you the song of the lazy...). Remember to enjoy these in moderation (:

Larger versions of my favourite shots from this grocery series can also be found at Images from Nowhere

These (the yellow box) contain just unbelievably fragrant caramel snacks...a bit like the chewy Werthers Original but more milky and just nicer in general. They're so chewy and delicious but I haven't been eating a lot of caramel lately so maybe I'm romanticising the taste in my memory. Make sure you get the one with Japanese (ミルクキャラメル) written across the front because the Chinese imitation...really sucks (I've tried).

I think these were the potato chips I really enjoyed last time while watching a movie with S. I think. Asian potato chips are interesting...but I'm going to have to throw my brownie point in with the Red Rock Deli people when it comes to potato chips. Though it's been months since I've had any... ; A ;

Condensed Milky drinks (the ones that come in soft-drink-looking cans) are the richest and most fragrant drinks ever (unhealthy...though it may give you some calcium?). I just thought the packaging of Milky candies was adorable - they taste nice too, if you're into the vanilla flavour.

Ugh, these are brilliant. The biscuit is not quite a soda biscuit but not quite a cookie has this weird, really well roasted short-bread-y texture that still manages to be savoury and delicious. I DON'T have to try it to see what I mean.

Suan mei tang in Chinese and this is another 'really Chinese old person' drink but don't hate on the prunes until you've tried them. It's very sweet and sour-y and super refreshing and I always get it at Chinese restaurants with the family. It's probably giving me 50% of my daily dose of sugar...but oh well (maybe not!)

Ah Yan Yan. Bless those childhood memories. I honestly prefer Pocky because the Yan Yan sticks are sometimes not that crunchy. But it's just so classically childhood.

I love mixing this honey-like syrup with hot water to make Yuzu tea. A bit too sweet (I think) to be 100% healthy but I love the yuzu taste and really recommend this brand if you want something refreshing.  I usually only add a spoonful.

Again - my childhood in a cardboard drink carton. I drank so many of these at one point...we were buying a pack a week. I'm not sure if this was legitimate chrysanthemum tea or just...lots of sugar...but I loved this drink so much. It's a bit too sweet for me now...