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Catching up with good friends after a semester apart at Chinta Ria: Temple of Love, in true, Darling Harbour tourist style.

I have to admit I saw more groups of friends and businessmen and women than couples but maybe the Temple of Love applies to friend-love too. Or the couples were waiting for us all to leave. Speaking of friend-love...

Shout-out to C, C, T and D for putting up with my 'I MUST TAKE PHOTOS OF EVERYTHING!' tendencies. I'm also trying to avoid the obligatory food blogger format of photo of restaurant -> photo of menu -> photos of food and I think I've succeeded.

There is no photo of the menu. Hah.

I will, however, give you a link to the menu instead and more photos of the beautifully decorated interior.

The famous giant Buddha in the middle of the restaurant and a rather magnificent photobomb by C (complete with obligatory tourist peace sign!). The decor was rustic, traditional and elegant, offset by the bright, colourful modern cutlery (the bowls they gave us to eat in were huge).

The good thing about going out with a large group of friends is that you can split dishes. Given the restaurant is in Darling Harbour, the prices are understandably on the more expensive end. I think all of us ended up splitting dishes in groups of 5, 3 and 2.

I was a bit hesitant when ordering because I am not good with spicy dishes and I'm not sure if Malaysian dishes are usually spicy. I veered on the safe side suggesting the beef, but the dishes we ordered weren't as spicy as we thought.

Service was lovely - the waiters were pleasant and obliging (and lit candles on the table for us when it got dark haha!). We arrived perhaps around 7pm without a booking and they managed to seat us within 5 minutes. The food arrived very quickly (I think we waited maybe 15min at most for all the dishes?) so...early dinners are a good idea!

This was the King Toh Beef and it was amazing. It was cooked really well - crunchy coating and tender meat inside. It's not spicy - the sauce is actually a sweet soy sauce blend.

I think this is the Sambal Mee Hoon, given there are prawns...I could have sworn we ordered the Sing Mai Fun though o_o. Very fragrant flavour. I'm very sensitive to spicy food but even I didn't find this spicy, so it was good. The chicken and prawn were slightly under-seasoned though.

The Nasi Lemak Campur with chicken curry. The chicken was so tender and delicious and the curry wasn't as spicy as I was expecting. It had a mild, aromatic taste. Loved the achar salad - a great palate cleanser. There wasn't a lot of rice but, combined with the vermicelli from the Sambal Mee Hoon, it was enough.

5 of us shared these 3 dishes and we actually had left overs. Okay, so some of us don't eat a lot and a number of factors may have made others less hungry than usual, but the portion sizes are fairly generous, especially for the meat dishes. The bill amounted to $11.70 each, which is an amazingly decent individual price for dinner.

Sharing dishes does make for some long, rather embarrassing (basic arithmetic!) bill-paying. Thanks so much to the Chinta Ria staff for being lovely and accepting all those coins (●´▽`)

Happy Summer~ (at The Galeries, at least)