For travelling on a budget, Japanese convenience stores are perhaps your best option for saving money on food, as long as you're not planning to live, long-term on it. Snacks, sandwiches, small drinks (hot and cold) and oden on cold days will fill you up for a few dollars' equivalent. And you know how much I love Asian snacks. We often just had an onigiri for breakfast and some hot tea, which was enough for us.

And they're all packaged so nicely that one can't help but draw them and then write about the favourites.

I wanted to classify them all but there are a lot so I'll just talk about my absolute favourites

  • RITZ Almond Cheese cracker sandwich - so bad for you (because that is not cheese but some sort of foam-y fluffy flavouring) but so good as an occasional snack. You'll have to buy it to see what I mean about the incredibly fragrant smell - the almonds add a really subtle edge to the cheese that is absolutely amazing.
  • Yakult Yoghurt - a Cheesie recommendation... it's incredibly light and delicate, with the consistency of the egg in egg tarts. Some might find it watery but I'm not a huge fan of rich yoghurt so this was just right for me
  • 100% Pink Grapefruit Gummy - Best discovery ever. You can find these on the bottom level of the Takeshita-dori DAISO store in Harajuku. Incredible texture in which the gummy is incredibly soft and melt-in-your mouth at the centre and the grapefruit flavour is unbelievable
  • Sesame dressing (ごま) - Ruins a healthy salad because it's, well, sesame oil and mayo but so incredibly fragrant that it's worth it
  • Kinako Mochi - We met with M in Shibuya and she introduced us to this unassuming small packet of orange sweets outside most pharmacies and blew our minds. Kinako is technically soybean so this is essentially 'soybean' flavoured chocolate with a small ball of white mochi in the centre. Don't hate before you try - the chocolate in incredibly fragrant and subtle without being too sweet and the little mochi ball is the perfect textural contrast to make this super fun to eat.
  • Calbee sticks - For those who prefer savoury snacks. Calbee sticks were incredibly crunchy and well fried, but with the 'rice cracker' texture more than 'potato chips' texture. Definitely worth a try

  • Pocky (of course).

Pocky Midi reminded me of dessert Pocky as it had a thicker layer of chocolate over it. Otherwise, the flavour is pretty standard - the sticks are just shorter and thicker.

The 大人のミルク (literally 'Adult's milk') flavour sounded really dodgy but it was a new flavour so we decided to try it. Honestly, it was kind of underwhelming - the stick was just a really crunchy type that wasn't your typical biscuit but was, otherwise, like your standard chocolate Pocky stick.

My favourite Pocky flavours are still the Pocky Gokuboso and Salty Milk Chocolate Pocky. If you're used to paying $4.00AUD+ here for a pack of legitimate Pocky, go wild in Japan because your typical pack is only about 200 - 300円

  • Orangina - I'm not a soft drinks person so I wouldn't have this again, but the flavour was really unusual because it genuinely tasted like real orange juice with pulp, not the orange flavouring you associate with Fanta or the like. Definitely an interesting experience.