There is no shortage of elaborate, gilded buildings in Europe but I would like to say for the record that the Hungarian Parliament is probably one of the most extravagant. Many historic buildings were designed to awe its onlookers with an almost frighteningly elaborate display of opulence and, with its unique fusion of gothic architecture and Renaissance Revival style domes, the Parliament definitely not a place that seems to suit anything from the modern age, whether that's Parliamentary laptops or gleaming white tourist sports shoes on its red carpet. Opulent, gilded and elaborate, it's a confection of Baroque-style flourishes and intricate design. Hard to imagine cleaning and even harder - as we were shuffled along as a multilingual mass of smartphones held aloft and gaping mouths (no touching, don't go here, no photos there)  - to imagine mundane business being conducted. Still, it boasts an undeniable beauty, especially during Europe's long, summer golden hour. It is, in a very true sense, a spectacle and even moreso at night where it becomes a confection of golden spires gleaming on the shoreline.

This is very much a 'shut up and show me the photos' sort of post - and I am ridiculously grateful for cameras because there's no way I could have captured this properly otherwise. After a long hiatus, I am also glad to have gotten this blog back up after 4 heartbreaking instances of website security issues - hopefully everything is fixed now.

I can't promise speedy updates anytime soon, but it is actually surprisingly comforting to have this blog back where it should be.

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