Part 1 of my 'Death by Kawaii' photo series, featuring Sydney's Capitol Square and its infamous top floor.

Capitol Square's top floor is replete with colourful flashing Japanese claw machines that are perpetually chirpy and encouraging on one end, and purikura machines on the other. So much pink. So much adorable.

Until you realise, after the 4th, frustrated attempt, that you will literally never get the alpacasso because the claw is blatantly rigged. But more on that in Part II.

A place where your knee jerk reaction to the cute ('I. WANT. THIS. NOW') hits the wall of financial practicality ('am I seriously going to spend more than $10 trying to get this thing?')

And you can't even buy the toys inside the machine outright to rid yourself of the pain.

That being said, it is possible to win things from these machines. You just need a good machine with a good claw (the ones with rubber stops at the end give you a bit more traction but they seem to have removed it from every single machine).

And a bucket of luck (but seriously, if anyone can win me an alpacasso from that machine, I will love you forever)

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I was making photosets with a white border before realising it wouldn't show up because of my blog post's white background, so now it just looks like I sized the photos wrongly. Oops.