Reflections on graphic design origin stories, a list of design resources and recipes for your health.


Before I finally invested in a proper drawing tablet and peered through the viewfinder of my camera, my earliest memories of digital-based creativity involved radiation-prevention screens clasped over the bulky, off-white computer monitor, Windows 2000 and 'graphic design', in the most rudimentary of terms.

My interpretation of the 'digital natives' buzzword that is so often attached to our generation will always be wrapped up with the excitement of replacing MS Paint with Photoshop 5 (from my parent's co-worker, on a CD), the icon-wallpapers-banner trifecta, hunting for new brushes, textures and reference images through Geocities fansites and much more lens flare filter than I care to admit.

Unfortunately, my design days fell to the wayside as digital painting, writing and photography took over, so when Alice from The Holistic asked if I could help design their (successful!) Kickstarter ebook, with recipe text and photography provided since I couldn't photograph the food myself, it was very much like riding a bicycle for the first time in a decade. The basic instincts are still there, but you're wobbling a little more than you'd like to be, the joints are a little old and rusty, and you're looking with envy at those cruising down the hill, on their snazzy InDesign wheels (mastery of which is next on my to-do list). But 8 hours later, with several assessments breathing down my neck (priorities on straight, natch) and never wanting to look at the Layers box again, it's still encouraging to end up with a finished product, no matter how rough.

I didn't attempt to get too fancy with the graphics, considering the short timeframe I had, but here are some useful general resources for your graphic design needs and inspiration, courtesy of she-who-hoards-digital-resources.

  • Makerbook looks like an amazing resource that centralises all resources on the internet. I haven't had a chance to delve into it deeply but this honestly looks incredible and already incorporates many of the sites I was going to link
  • Creative Bloq regularly gives out free resources like fonts and interesting articles
  • My Script Font allows you to create your own font so easily. I need to use this more
  • Design Overdose is one of many Tumblr inspiration blogs with a graphic/packaging design focus
  • Pixelgirl Presents is a majorly old-school-nostalgia resource for icons, wallpapers etc
  • My own design tag on Tumblr is shameless. But also specific

Below, a selection of my favourite recipes from The Holistic's ebook, for your reference and also featuring the chia parfait I drew previously. Enjoy (and apologies for the radio silence on Sketch and Run - an explanation is coming. Promise).